Reptiles In LA

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And we don't mean the folks in the film industry even though the title fits. No, we mean the man-eating alligators of Southern Los Angeles. Or at least one, name of Reggie.

LOS ANGELES – Reggie the alligator reappeared Monday after vanishing for 1 1/2 years in an urban lake where the reptile turned up in 2005 and repeatedly skunked would-be 'gator wranglers.

"After 18 months of hibernation or just eluding us, Reggie has decided to show himself," City Councilwoman Janice Hahn told a press conference next to Harbor Regional Park's Lake Machado.

Hahn said she had asked the Parks and Recreation Department to put a fence back up around the lake.

"Reggie is older, Reggie is bigger, and he's probably hungry, so I want to make sure that we keep the public safe," she said. "He's a wild alligator and he's unpredictable and we're not really sure what his behavior will be."

Reggie was an illegal pet allegedly tossed into the 50-acre lake by a former Los Angeles policeman when it got too big. It was spotted in August 2005 and caused a stir until disappearing the following October.

Reggie was probably visiting the old stomping grounds in the sewers. Or hanging out in the gym to get himself bigger. *Gasp* Maybe he was on steroids to get bigger more quickly.

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