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In a move sure to warm the cockles of Sheryl Crow's heart, officials at the Hutchinson Correctional Facility in Hutchinson, Kansas have adopted her suggestion to save the earth. They are restricting the amount of toilet paper the inmates can have. It's not quite one sheet at a time, but they are cutting the amount the inmates can use each month.

Officials say the prison has long had a limit, but they learned recently that it hadn't been enforced. Increased enforcement began this month.

Under the prison policy, inmates are restricted to four rolls of toilet paper each month or on an "as-needed" basis.

Steve Schneider, public information officer for the prison, said officials also restated restrictions on other personal items, including soap and toothpaste, as a result of stockpiling and overuse.

The increased enforcement has angered many of the more than 1,600 inmates housed at the facility.

"Some take this for granted," inmate Carl Kennedy said in a letter to The Hutchinson News. "But in here it's part of a safeguard for widespread infections. We use it to blow our noses, clean sinks, toilets and tables."

Prison officials said the policy could save the prison nearly $600 each month if each inmate uses one less roll each month.

"There are a lot of things that individually don't cost much," said Kansas Department of Corrections spokeswoman Frances Breyne. "But when you multiply that by hundreds, it makes a drastic impact."

Schneider insists inmates won't go without toilet paper. Charmin four-packs can be purchased at the prison canteen for $2.70, and anyone who produces an empty roll will receive a new roll of toilet paper.

Well, prison isn't supposed to be a picnic, is it? On the other hand, inmates in a jail in the Spanish "enclave"* of Ceuta didn't have a problem with too much toilet paper clogging the pipes. Nope, it was something completely different. They caused the sewer to back up with hashish.

MADRID, Spain – Courthouse maintenance workers responding to a complaint about a clogged toilet found 30 pounds of hashish in a pipe leading from a restroom used by prisoners, officials said Monday.

The custodians found the drugs Friday at the Palace of Justice, a building that houses courtrooms and jail cells, in the Spanish enclave of Ceuta on the coast of Morocco.

Maybe they should limit the number of bags of hashish they can bring into the jail? Just a thought.

* Enclave is a fancy way of saying colony, apparently. Ceuta is located in Morocco and it kind of makes Spain's claims to Gibraltar look pretty weak, doesn't it? It isn't like they have any high ground, morally speaking.

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