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No Mercy

Untitled document You cannot qualify war in harsher terms than I will. War is cruelty, and you cannot refine it; and those who brought war into our country deserve all the curses and maledictions a people can pour out. I … Continue reading

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Riding Out The Typhoon

Untitled document Or rather, riding IN the Typhoon. Telegraph reporter Adam Lusher draws the assignment of taking a ride in the newest British fighter aircraft, the Typhoon (aka Eurofighter). The long-delayed joint project by Britain, Germany, Italy and Spain is … Continue reading

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Hoo’s On First

Untitled document Writer John Preston has an interesting article in the Telegraph today detailing a bit of his family's connection to the discovery of the Sutton Hoo trove. If you aren't familiar with Sutton Hoo, this was an enormous (and … Continue reading

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Fading Light

Untitled document Mark Steyn has a must read column today in the Chicago Sun-Times. He takes a look at the Democrat's behavior recently and reminds us that there are other people in the world making decisions, plots and plans. Those … Continue reading

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Nothing To See

Untitled document The lawyer for one of the men arrested in Alabama on weapons charges last week says that the arrests of his client was a big deal about nothing. Ok, he's a defense lawyer, that's his job. It's rather … Continue reading

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To Be A Woman In Iran….

Untitled document …..Is to be treated as rather a lot less than a second class citizen. If you dare to raise your voice about the injustice of that treatment, you can expect to go to prison. You won't get to go … Continue reading

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For Us And For Yourselves

Untitled document Omar from Iraq the Model writes what should be a wake-up call for the posturing politicians. (No, I am not optimistic that it will be heard, but I hold out hope that the Reid-Pelosi regime is rapidly running … Continue reading

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So, Here’s An Interesting question

Untitled document If one keeps snakes as pets, the pet will require feeding. This entails, of course, feeding another animal to your pet. This is kind of how it works in the real world. So, this is actually an interesting … Continue reading

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No Cover At All

Untitled document One of my astute readers pointed this out to me, I had missed it. But it indicates that Nancy Pelosi is in real trouble. Her friendly treatment by the media is rapidly evaporating. And they are exposing her … Continue reading

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Don’t Believe Everything You Read

Untitled document There has been a lot – far too much – hyperventilation about the "scandal" at the World Bank involving Paul Wolfowitz. The Opinion Journal has been very vocal about trying to get the real story out. Because there … Continue reading

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You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

Untitled document Get ready for the whole enormously over-long primary campaigns to be turned on their ear. It looks very, very likely that Fred Thompson is going to come in. And he has the backing of some of Ronald Reagan's … Continue reading

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Faux Outrage

Untitled document Ok, was it a fairly tasteless stunt? Sure it was. But the puffed up, hyperventilating outrage in this article is a bit much. Sony threw a party to celebrate the release of it new PlayStation game, God of War … Continue reading

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How Many MPPs Does It Get?

Untitled document That's Miles Per Plank. The Daily Mail is running a story about a three wheel car made of wood. The builder, a furniture maker, took more than 2000 hours to complete his masterpiece. And it's pretty darn sharp … Continue reading

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Today’s Ironic News Department

Untitled document Warning: Your "green" solution may turn your house black – as in burned out ruin. Residents of a highly touted "low carbon" housing development in Britain have been warned that should not, under any circumstances, turn on their rooftop … Continue reading

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On Another Rat Front

Untitled document I guess today must be Raturday. Related to the previous post, we have this item from the Daily Mail. It seems that there is a big stink in Britain over a decision to go to an every other … Continue reading

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