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Gorezilla Vs. Science

James Taylor (not the singer) writes in the Chicago Sun-Times today citing scientific publications that prove, rather handily, that Al "Gorezilla" Gore badly distorted the evidence in his movie, An Inconvenient Truth. In fact, 'distort' is probably too weak a … Continue reading

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The British government has just raised the terrorism alert level for that country to "Critical", the highest alert level. GLASGOW, Scotland – Two men rammed a flaming Jeep Cherokee into the main terminal of Glasgow airport Saturday, crashing into the … Continue reading

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Glasgow Updates

The Daily Mail is now reporting that the crash of a vehicle into the Glasgow airport terminal appears to have been intentional. Officials are still not calling it terror-related, but some witnesses sure are. Witnesses report that some bystanders who … Continue reading

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Burning Car Crashes Into Glasgow Airport

Witnesses report that a burning Land Rover was driven into the terminal building at the Glasgow airport in Scotland. There are no reports of injuries, but police were seen "scuffling" with the driver of the vehicle. Police have confirmed a … Continue reading

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Summer Campaign

The reptile legions of the Animal Uprising™ have launched their summer offensive, sending alligators to invade Virginia this year. A woman in Reston, Virginia had to wrestle on of the beasts into a guinea pig container to keep it from … Continue reading

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Sick, Sick, Sick

The Hamas television show that featured a ripoff of Mickey Mouse named Farfour indoctrinating children to jihad has ended its run. With the mouse getting beaten to death by an actor portraying an Israeli. This is beyond sick.  Hamas TV … Continue reading

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Rampaging Through The Media

The Albany, Oregon Democrat-Herald newspaper got a first-hand look at the Animal Uprising™ this week. They were, of course, oblivious to the implications.   Employees of the Democrat-Herald received a surprise visit Tuesday morning from a wandering blacktail deer. Pictured are Cathy … Continue reading

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“Get Your Buns Outta That Car”

That was the line the police presumably had to use when they pulled over what they thought was a stolen vehicle. A suspicious officer had run the plates of the vehicle and it came back as stolen, so he did … Continue reading

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North Korea To Shut Down Reactor

The International Atomic Energy Agency and North Korean officials have reached an agreement on how to monitor the shutdown of the reactor at Yongbyon to ensure compliance with the agreement North Korea has reached with the US and allies. A … Continue reading

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Back From The Shadows

I don't know who is worse, the bloviating politicians who use idiotic descriptions of illegal immigrants "living in the shadows" or the fawning press that reports things like that with a straight face. Kathryn Jean Lopez points out a picture … Continue reading

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Car Bomb Found In London

What police are deeming a potentially very deadly car bomb was found in central London. It was defused by bomb experts but could have cause significant casualties had it detonated. The device was inside a Mercedes and consisted of propane … Continue reading

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High On Corn

Actually, high in the corn. With a car. And with two police cars in hot pursuit. AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – A Dutch farmer watched in disbelief as a driver under the influence of cocaine drove a slalom course through his corn … Continue reading

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Ed Morrisey watched the cloture vote and live blogged it. The immigration bill is dead. a flat majority – 53 Senators – voted against cloture. Not even close. UPDATE: Now, if we can start getting real enforcement actions like this, … Continue reading

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Dissolution Of The Three Ds

Daniel Henninger, in his weekly Opinion Journal column (via Real Clear Politics) takes a last look at the US Supreme Court ruling in the Morse v. Frederick case. That's the one everyone will forever remember as the "Bong hits 4 … Continue reading

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Do Nothing, Get Raise

The Democratic-controlled House of Representatives, having done virtually nothing whatsoever since taking over in January, has patted itself on the back and given itself a raise in pay. Welcome to Washington. Democrats have for weeks been privately wringing their hands … Continue reading

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