North Korea To Shut Down Reactor

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The International Atomic Energy Agency and North Korean officials have reached an agreement on how to monitor the shutdown of the reactor at Yongbyon to ensure compliance with the agreement North Korea has reached with the US and allies.

A team from the International Atomic Energy Agency returned Friday to the North Korean capital from a two-day trip to the Yongbyon nuclear complex, broadcaster APTN reported. It was the first IAEA visit to the facility since U.N. monitors were expelled from the country in 2002.

"We have concluded this understanding, what our monitoring and verification activities are in principle," IAEA Deputy Director Olli Heinonen said in footage shot by APTN. He did not provide specifics of the agreement.

Heinonen said his team, which was scheduled to leave Pyongyang for Beijing on Saturday, was preparing to report to the IAEA board of governors within one week, but noted that the timing of the shutdown was up to the six countries involved in North Korea nuclear talks.

"This is for the six parties to decide," he said in the APTN footage. "You have to ask them the time scale. When they do (decide), we will be ready."

An IAEA official in Vienna, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to comment to media, said that a board meeting would likely take place July 9, with the 35 member nations expected to approve sending the first inspection team to the North as quickly as possible.

North Korea pledged to close and seal Yongbyon in exchange for economic aid and political concessions in an agreement with the U.S., China, Japan, Russia and South Korea. The purpose of the IAEA trip was to discuss how the agency's inspectors would monitor and verify a shutdown.

Not that anyone should be naive enough to trust the North Koreans not to cheat if they think they can get away with it, but it is at least a step in the right direction.

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  1. We bought’em cheap this time — a $25M bribe which amounted to giving them back their own money. That idiot Clinton gave’em a few nuclear reactors for his bribe.

  2. Bleepless says:

    If they really are willing to shut down Yongbyon, it just means that they do not need it anymore.

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