Burning Car Crashes Into Glasgow Airport

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Witnesses report that a burning Land Rover was driven into the terminal building at the Glasgow airport in Scotland. There are no reports of injuries, but police were seen "scuffling" with the driver of the vehicle.

Police have confirmed a vehicle has driven into the terminal building in Glasgow Airport and is now on fire.

Earlier, the BBC reported witnesses saying a car on fire had tried to drive into the airport through the main doors.

The car's occupants were seen fighting with police inside the terminal, they said.

The Strathclyde Fire Service is at the scene. There were no immediate reports of any injuries.

Witness James Edgar told Sky News he was in the airport during the incident.

He said a four-wheel drive, believed to be a Land Rover, tried to drive into the building, but was stopped by barriers.

"I was in the airport booking a holiday, suddenly people were running as if they were missing their flight, but then we were told to get out of the airport," he said.

The reports are very confused right now, so I'll update if more information becomes available.

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  4. daveinboca says:

    Seems the NYT and its pilot fish just can’t wrap their tiny minds around another terror incident. Only difference between 7/7/05 and today is that they were caught. Just like the one in Germany last summer. Looks like the B-Team is off its game.

    But to the ostrich ultra-left, it’s all a series of misunderstandings and Keystone Kop melodrama.

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