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The Daily Mail is now reporting that the crash of a vehicle into the Glasgow airport terminal appears to have been intentional. Officials are still not calling it terror-related, but some witnesses sure are. Witnesses report that some bystanders who saw one of the two men who were in the vehicle with his clothing on fire shouted, "Let him burn."

One eyewitness, who knocked the terrorist suspect over with his forearm said: "The man was wrestling with police on the ground.

"I had seen him and the other man get out of the car. The flames were burning through his clothes. Police were telling everybody to get back.

"Some people who were close by shouted "let him burn". I saw the holidaymaker who had tackled him with blood streaming from his face and I myself had knocked into him with my forearm."

The pair were held down before police led them away.

The flames from the Jeep were put out with a fire extinguisher but smoke continued to billow out from the side of the airport. Passengers were cleared from the terminal building amid fears that this was a terrorist attack.

The incident took place just a day after a double car bomb attack on central London was foiled. It is also a peak time of year for holidaymakers, as schools across Scotland have already broken up for their summer holidays.

Taxi driver Ian Crosby, who witnessed the carnage, said he was in no doubt that it was a terrorist attack.

"It looks to me like these people were intent on doing some serious damage," he told the BBC.

He saw a small explosion which looked like it was coming from the back of the vehicle.

"There was smoke coming from inside of the back seats," he said. "Immediately I realised this was a terrorist attack."

"Somebody had planned this. This was no accident."

He praised the bravery of those who put "their lives at risk" to stop the men.

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