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The Offended Offensive

Untitled document Officials from a Malaysian state are officially offended that scientists have officially named a virus after that state. Officially. The virus, communicable to humans from bats, was first isolated after an official occurrence in that area. Australian and Malaysian scientists … Continue reading

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Britain Under Attack

Untitled document British Prime Minister Gordon Brown appears to be trying to channel Winston Churchill as his fledgling administration copes with a series of terrorist attacks and bombing attempts. Police have begun targeting a number of suspects in the latest … Continue reading

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Marking The Centenary

Untitled document July 7, 2007 will mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Robert Anson Heinlein. John Miller has written a pretty good short biography of the man and some of his best known books. It isn't an in-depth … Continue reading

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Anti-Chavez Protests

Untitled document Thousands of people in Venezuela began chanting "Freedom" at a soccer tournament stadium in Maracaibo in a pointed slap at (T)Hugo Chavez and his growing police state. MARACAIBO, Venezuela: Politics penetrated a South American soccer championship when thousands … Continue reading

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Stemming The Tide

Untitled document A Swedish anti-terrorism expert, Magnus Ranstorp, who consults with the British government believes that there is a huge wave or terror strikes about to engulf Britain. That little bit of news is way down the second page of the … Continue reading

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