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The Ultimate “Man Bites Dog” Story

Untitled document The phrase "man bites dog" is usually attributed to a former editor of the former New York Sun newspaper, John B. Bogart. He supposedly said: "When a dog bites a man, that is not news, because it happens … Continue reading

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Parsing The Eye Of The Needle

Untitled document Media Matters spends an inordinate amount of time splitting hairs. Their gyrations to "prove" things have reached the point of the ridiculous, though. Because they are attempting to attack Neal Boortz for saying that Bill Clinton was convicted … Continue reading

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The March Of The Frogs

Untitled document The overlords of the Animal Uprising™, not content with unleashing just two or three plagues of animals on Florida, have sent in the big guns. No, this is in addition to the mice, the pythons and the giant … Continue reading

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Pennies From Heaven

Untitled document That's what storms were made for And you shouldn't be afraid for Every time it rains it rains Pennies from heaven. Don't you know each cloud contains Pennies from heaven. You'll find your fortune falling All over town. … Continue reading

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Untitled document We here at Blue Crab Boulevard have been reporting on the psycho sturgeon of the Suwannee for some time now. These are the evil, armor-plated, flying attack fish that have been targeting boaters with precision airstrikes. Shock and … Continue reading

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Brave Jihadis Use Children As Human Shields

Untitled document After their gutless. "fiery" cleric leader dressed up in women's clothing to escape, the pusillanimous holdouts still inside the Red Mosque in Islamabad, Pakistan, have taken women and children as human shields to protect them from the authorities. … Continue reading

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Simple Yet Deadly

Untitled document The Washington Post reports on the use of simple, easy-to-get ingredients for bombs. Such homemade kitchen chemistry bombs are the weapon of choice for terrorists operating in Western countries. So far, however, al-Qaeda and its affiliates have relied … Continue reading

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Heisenberg Would Be Miffed

Untitled document Mike Murphy and Mark Mellman invoke the Heisenberg uncertainty principle to describe the ridiculously long presidential primary process that has started an absurdly long way out from the elections. Heisenberg would not be amused. It is reminiscent of … Continue reading

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Untitled document John Stossel, in his column over at Real Clear Politics, points out a fact that appears to completely elude the folks on the left: government is force. The fact that we get to elect a few of the … Continue reading

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Yet Another Brave Jihadi

Untitled document Yet another case of a "fiery" islamist cleric who cheerfully preaches jihad then dresses up in women's clothing to try to run away when surrounded. The leader of the "Red Mosque" in Islamabad, Pakistan, Maulana Abdul Aziz, attempted … Continue reading

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