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Gorezilla And Pollution Of The Antarctic

Untitled document I did not know until I read the Daily Mail slam dunk on Al "Gorezilla" Gore that one of the concerts planned was to be held in the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) base in Rothera on that continent. Let's see, … Continue reading

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Today’s Bwahahaha Moment

Untitled document In an effort to save the planet, many people have begun using a composting technique for processing kitchen wastes. The leftovers are put into bins full of red worms. The worms digest the organic matter in an extremely … Continue reading

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The Daily Mail Fires A Broadside

Untitled document Target: Al Gore and his concert extravaganza. Using detailed numbers generated by climate scientists, they positively tear Gorezilla's head off with this blistering article denouncing the rank hypocrisy of the whole affair. No doubt to rapturous applause, Madonna … Continue reading

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Annual Rite Wrong

Untitled document Well, it's that time of year again. The annual drunken party that usually ends in a number of injuries and the occasional death known as the San Fermin bull-running festival in Pamplona, Spain. Also known as the "running … Continue reading

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Untitled document A women attending a dinner party in Belgium decided to be nice and help out the host. So she went to put away the leftovers in the freezer. Whereupon, she found that the freezer was already full of … Continue reading

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Murdoch Buys Dow Jones: Report

Untitled document The Business is reporting that a deal has been reached selling Dow Jones (and therefore the Wall Street Journal) to Rupert Murdoch. Rupert Murdoch has succeeded with his $5 billion bid for Dow Jones, owners of the Wall … Continue reading

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Kim Sick?

Untitled document The Telegraph has picked up some speculation that is raging in the South Korean media about Kim Jong Il. Judging from a picture of Kim greeting a representative from China, the media is wondering if Kim really is … Continue reading

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Untitled document Simon Tisdall, writing in the Comment is Free section of the Guardian, spends rather a lot of his column today pointing out that the Republicans are having a number of difficulties right now – all of which is … Continue reading

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Report Card

Untitled document Kimberley Strassel issues a report card on the Democratic party's leadership in Congress in the past six months. It is not even remotely a pretty picture. Frankly, they haven't done much of anything. Six months on, the country … Continue reading

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