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Mookie Gets Brave

Untitled document "Fiery" Muslim cleric Moqtada "Mookie" al-Sadr has cut his visit to Iraq, where he actually supposedly lives unless he's hiding in Iran, short. He has, according to US Military sources, set a land speed record for "fiery" clerics and … Continue reading

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The Good Life

Untitled document Jack Nicholson style: It takes a very special sort of fitness regime to keep Jack Nicholson in his current shape. Exercise One: Take an extra-large baguette stuffed with your favourite filling and raise it to the mouth. Lick … Continue reading

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Funniest Quote Yet

Untitled document This has got to be the funniest 'man in the street' quote yet from someone who attended the Live Earth goregasm in Sydney, Australia: "This is what happens when you let hippies organise a big event." Out front, … Continue reading

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When Bedfellows Turn

Untitled document This is almost too pathetic to post about. Cindy Sheehan is now threatening to run for the House against Nancy Pelosi unless the Speaker introduces articles of impeachment against President Bush. Apparently, Sheehan could not stand being without … Continue reading

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Still More Bad News

Untitled document Close on the heels of the revelation that the Animal Uprising™ has perfected the Bear-Bot® comes even worse news. They have unleashed yet another weapon on the human race. The fiends have set the Desert Moose® loose. A … Continue reading

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Seeing The Forest

Untitled document The old saying about not seeing the forest for the trees comes to mind when reading this story from the Sunday Times. Scientists in Britain are using lidar to see through the forest entirely and discover the terrain … Continue reading

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Pakistan Edges Closer To Assault

Untitled document Pakistani authorities appear to be getting ready to launch a full-scale assault on the extremists holed up inside the Red Mosque in Islamabad. Spokesmen are saying that there is a real fear that the "brave" jihadis will begin … Continue reading

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An Exposion Of Earmarks

Untitled document The Washington Post reveals the total number of earmarks that members of Congress are trying to insert into funding bills this year: 32,684. An average of 75 requests for each politician on Capitol Hill. BEFORE LAST week's recess, … Continue reading

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The New York Times Supports Toatalitarian Genocide

Untitled document Don Surber absolutely nails the New York Times with his post today. I cannot possibly say it better than he has. The New York Times today called for U.S. troops to surrender Iraq to the insurgents and al-Qaida … Continue reading

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A Voice From The Gulag

Untitled document Natan Sharansky, who spent nine years of his life imprisoned in the Soviet gulag for being a political dissident, knows a bit about totalitarianism. In today's Washington Post, he points out the disturbed reasoning too many are using … Continue reading

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Importing Death

Untitled document Mark Steyn, who has long been warning of the demographic crisis in Europe, takes a look at the recent terrorism arrests of a group of jihadi doctors in Britain and points out how that is related to that … Continue reading

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Give Me Space

Untitled document Well, the true believers are gathering to mutually reinforce their existing beliefs in an echo chamber. Not, not Live Earth, this is serious. We're talking about the real menace: reptilian overlords. ROSWELL, N.M., July 7 — Attention, all … Continue reading

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