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Untitled document The Chinese have just had their eyes opened about the Animal Uprising™. There may be around one billion Chinese, but they're badly outnumbered by the enemy. In fact, just in one relatively small area, there are two billion … Continue reading

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Untitled document Tulsa, Oklahoma, more than 500 miles from the Mexican border, is an unlikely spot to be one of the real battlegrounds over illegal immigration. But citizens there are fed up with what they are seeing as a hostile … Continue reading

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Leonardo Online

Untitled document The European Union is funding a project that is putting the papers and sketches of Leonardo Da Vinci online. Over 3,000 pages have already been digitized and are available for viewing. Until now the majority of the manuscripts … Continue reading

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Much Ado About Not So Much

Untitled document Really, this is a bit absurd. A Catholic school in Australia has reversed their initial reversal and will allow a boy to attend the school after all. After first offering him a place at the school, officials had … Continue reading

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Taking Environmentalism Too Far

Untitled document Ok, this is just too much. Respect for the environment is one thing, but dressing up as a tree to rob a bank is a step too far, MANCHESTER, N.H. – Leaf it to New Hampshire, where a … Continue reading

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Spare Him

Untitled document I read this Washington Post (via Memeorandum) op-ed by Mary-Jo Cooney, which is supposed to be, according to her, about her son who is a marine due to deploy in Iraq at the end of the month. Only … Continue reading

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Bored By Gore

Untitled document After all the screeching, after all the media hype, after all the posturing by everyone involved in the Live Earth goregasm, the vast majority of Americans not only did not watch the events, most think Al Gore is no … Continue reading

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