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Disposable Tatoos

Untitled document Researchers have found a new application for a technique originally developed for pharmaceutical products and other consumer goods. Microencapsulation was originally designed as a way to put a protective capsule around a product that would break down under … Continue reading

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Apples, Trees and Lightning Don’t Mix

Untitled document Everyone should, one hopes, know that lightning storms and trees do not mix well. The long-standing advice is that standing under or near a tree  during a storm is a bad idea verging on the suicidal. Well, it … Continue reading

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Interesting Ideas

Untitled document Two items from Real Clear Politics juxtaposed together make an interesting argument. The first on, from the Detroit News makes the point that Representative John Dingell's (D-Michigan) proposal to introduce a carbon tax on all industries that produce energy … Continue reading

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“Clear And Convincing Evidence To The Contrary”

Untitled document “Our troops overreacted because of the pressure on them and they killed innocent civilians in cold blood,” Jack Murtha, member of the House of Representatives and unindicted co-conspirator in the ABSCAM case, speaking to the press and declaring … Continue reading

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Lady Bird Johnson, RIP

Untitled document Lady Bird Johnson has died at her home in Austin, Texas. She was 94 years old. AUSTIN, Texas – Lady Bird Johnson, the former first lady who championed conservation and worked tenaciously for the political career of her … Continue reading

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Well, It Ain’t Pennies From Heaven

Untitled document For years now, items have been turning up in the news raving about the high tech, superwhamadyne Japanese toilets. Of course, the occasional unflattering piece has shown up now and again, too. People tend to get cranky when their toilet … Continue reading

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Fascinating Find

Untitled document A historian visiting the British Museum to research some of their large collection of Assyrian cuneiform tablets has made a fascinating discovery. Michael Jursa, a scholar from Vienna, has found an inscription that appears to validate the existence … Continue reading

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“Giant Badgers Terrorise Iraqi Port City”

Untitled document Pretty standard headline here at Blue Crab Boulevard, no? Only it isn't ours. It is from the Australian Daily Telegraph. Honest. THE Iraqi port city of Basra, already prey to a nasty turf war between rival militia factions, … Continue reading

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Freedom Versus Compulsion

Untitled document John Stossel writes today about an interview that he conducted with Michael Moore. He methodically picks apart Moore's arguments about government. He also gives a lesson in spotting the insidious presumptions of people like Moore. I interviewed Michael … Continue reading

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Move Over Pamplona

Untitled document In a bid to get ahead of Pamplona, Spain and its annual running of the bulls (or goring of the tourists as it is sometimes called) Omaha, Nebraska has ratcheted up the pressure. They have staged their own … Continue reading

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Untitled document NBC released viewing figures for the Live Earth concert coverage it carried over the weekend. To call the figure dismal would be to an understatement. Almost twice as many viewers watched a re-run episode of "Cops" on Fox. … Continue reading

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Red Mosque Battle Finally Over – Death Toll Unknown

Untitled document The group of "brave" jihadis using women and children as human shields appear to have finally been captured or killed during an almost two day long battle. Pakistani officials are reporting at least 60 militants are dead. But … Continue reading

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