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An Immoral Abandonment

Untitled document Even some members of the major media are beginning to question what the rush to exit Iraq will mean. Jake Tapper of ABC News tried to get Harry Reid to answer what should be a simple question: what … Continue reading

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“On The Whole, I’d Rather Be In Philadelphia”

Untitled document That is, of course, a rather famous quote attributed to WC Fields. It would certainly be an appropriate thing for prospective buyers of this house in Rhode Island to say. Really, the renovations the place needs are all within the … Continue reading

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Elephants Invade Canada

Untitled document A typical evening at the 911 call center in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada: "Hi, um, we've found an elephant walking down the street," the unidentified man says in a recording of an emergency call to police, repeating it twice … Continue reading

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Diane Sawyer Sort Of Gets A Clue

Untitled document Well, not really, she just thought it was "hurtful". But she related a story on Good Morning America that actually says rather a lot about the smarts of the average American – and the utter cluelessness of the … Continue reading

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No More Use

Untitled document It seems that Cindy Sheehan is no longer of any use to the Koz Kidz. It seems her threat to run against Nancy Pelosi has turned the Kidz against her. Harshly. So much for absolute moral authority. Cindy … Continue reading

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Prickly Problem

Untitled document What do you do when heavily armed terrorists infiltrate your facility and begin eating your garden hoses? Simple, you bait traps with potatoes and chocolate milk and round them up. No, really. JERUSALEM (Reuters) – A new type … Continue reading

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Nobel Prize Winning Hypocrite

Untitled document Betty Williams, Nobel Peace Prize winner and serial death threat issuer, is a complete disgrace to the award she won. Even more so than Jimmy Crater, I think. Because she is so openly and creepily hypocritical. She would … Continue reading

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Untitled document The Opinion Journal editorial today calls the sudden genuflection by politicians to "benchmarks" in Iraq nothing more than a smokescreen. They point out that both the current ambassador to Iraq and the commander of the forces there are … Continue reading

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Updating The Biblical Plagues

Untitled document Plagues of locusts are so yesterday. In these modern times we have modern plagues. Like caterpillars. Billions and billions of caterpillars. A few of the critters can eat as much grass in a day as a cow. ALBUQUERQUE, … Continue reading

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When ‘Shrooms Attack

Untitled document Mexico, home of the giant mushroom. A mushroom weighing more than 40 pounds was recently discovered in Southern Mexico. This thing is ginormous. This mushroom, which weighs more than 40lb, was discovered in a forest in southern Mexico. … Continue reading

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BBC Admits Fraudulent Controversy

Untitled document The BBC creatively edited a sequence of video clips to give the impression – widely reported yesterday – that Queen Elizabeth had "stormed" out of a photo shoot with Annie Leibowitz. The trailer showed a confrontation, then the … Continue reading

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Untitled document The Daily Mail has a series of hand-tinted photographs taken at the battle of Passchendaele, more commonly called the Third Battle of Ypres. On July 31, 1917, Allied soldiers pushed into a rain-sodden no man's land. By the … Continue reading

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