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Notice Anything?

Untitled document The Associated Press is reporting that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is predicting that the "La Nina" phenomenon will not form this year. The report says that means that there should "generally" be a less severe hurricane … Continue reading

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Coldest Winter In 57 Years

Untitled document Tim Blair devotes his supremely snarky column in the Australian Sunday Telegraph to noting the coldest June since 1950 in Australia – continent-wide, mind you. He's spot on. LAST month Australians endured our coldest June since 1950. Imagine that; all … Continue reading

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Nassau Kneads Spell Czech

Untitled document The United States space agency Nassau NASA kneads needs a gud good spell czech check program. Boy are they embarrassed right now. They rolled the space shuttle Endeavour out to the launch pad and sent it on its way with … Continue reading

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North Korea Shuts Down Yongbyon Reactor

Untitled document The United States has been informed that the North Korean reactor at Yongbyon has been shut down by the North Korean government. The news came just hours after oil was delivered to the Stalinist state. The shutdown has … Continue reading

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Prison Break!

Untitled document More specifically, prison break-in. The United States sent paratroopers to invade the Colorado Fremont Correctional Institute early Thursday. Well, actually, the 25 paratrooper had not actually been sent to invade it, they just got lost. CANON CITY, Colo. … Continue reading

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Destroying Trust

Untitled document The head of the British Broadcasting Corporation, Mark Thompson, has warned employees that they are in serious jeopardy of losing the public's trust in the aftermath of the fraudulent editing of the documentary on Queen Elizabeth. The controversy has … Continue reading

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Obituary For Michael Moore’s Career?

Untitled document This is kind of interesting. Michael Moore's biographer, Roger Rapaport, writes a fairly long essay asking whether Michael Moore's career as a maker of "documentary" films is over. And Rapaport himself questions the integrity of Moore's filmmaking. He … Continue reading

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Blitzkrieg In Oz

Untitled document An Australian man has been arrested after taking a little joyride around the Western suburbs of Sydney. The arrest had  bit to do with the vehicle he chose for the jaunt and a bit with his choice of places … Continue reading

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Escapee Captured

Untitled document A scout for the Animal Uprising™ who escaped from her incarceration in New Jersey has been recaptured. Unfortunately, the miscreant was on the lam for a week and was found 80 miles away at the Jersey Shore. But … Continue reading

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