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North Korea Has Shut Down Reactor

Untitled document IAEA inspectors have confirmed that North Korea has shut down the reactor at Yongbyon. SEOUL, South Korea – United Nations inspectors have verified that North Korea has shut down its sole functioning nuclear reactor, the chief of the … Continue reading

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Supporting Pakistan

Untitled document The US National Security Adviser, Stephan Hadley, came out today on the talk show circuit and pledged American support to Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf for a major crackdown on the Taliban hiding out in the "tribal areas" of … Continue reading

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Professional Misconduct

Untitled document There has been an enormous amount of uproar in recent years about the possibility that the combined Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine is the cause of an increase in the incidence of autism. The whole ruckus started in 1998 with … Continue reading

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Whole Sockpuppets

Untitled document This is actually a few days old, but I just caught it. In what can only be considered a bizarre case of serious weirdness, the CEO of the Whole Foods company, John Mackey, has been caught posting sockpuppet comments … Continue reading

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About That Sun

Untitled document David Whitehouse, who is an astronomer and a former BBC science correspondent, has an op-ed in the Telegraph today that dismisses a BBC report that dismisses the sun as a potential cause of global warming. It is a good read and starts … Continue reading

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Reapers Forward

Untitled document The Associated Press is reporting that an attack squadron of MQ-9 Reaper Unmanned Aerial Vehicles is expected to deploy to Iraq very soon. The Reaper, built by General Atomic, can stay aloft for 14 hours and carries a … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Counterfeit

Untitled document China is famous for counterfeit products. Whether it is ripoffs of designer watches, pirated DVDs or even bogus food products and poison toothpaste, China has it all. But this has got to be the absolute top of the … Continue reading

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Detonating Deer Deals Damage Down East

Untitled document Well, ok, strictly speaking, the town of Palermo, Maine isn't actually part of "Down East" Maine. But its pretty close to Penobscot Bay, so we took a little literary license. Anyway, they have a report of the first … Continue reading

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Anthropomorphism, Mythology And Hollywood Hubris

Untitled document A couple of related items from different sources today demolish a few Western myths, illustrate the ongoing attempts by humans to project human traits onto animals (that whole Disneyfication thing) and exposes the hubris of the Hollywood stars … Continue reading

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Long Knife Warning

Untitled document Matthew d'Ancona, the Editor of The Spectator, writes an interesting op-ed in today's Telegraph. It should be considered a warning to Mark Malloch Brown. The former UN deputy general secretary has been ensconced in a position within Gordon Brown's … Continue reading

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Oxymoron Of The Day: BBC Ethics

Untitled document Fresh on the heels of the revelation that the BBC had reversed two video clips in order to manufacture what appeared to be the Queen "storming" out of a photography session, comes yet another case of clip reversal. … Continue reading

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