North Korea Has Shut Down Reactor

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IAEA inspectors have confirmed that North Korea has shut down the reactor at Yongbyon.

SEOUL, South Korea – United Nations inspectors have verified that North Korea has shut down its sole functioning nuclear reactor, the chief of the watchdog agency said Monday, confirming the isolated country had taken its first step in nearly five years to halt production of atomic weapons.

South Korea sent more oil to the North on Monday to reward its compliance with an international disarmament agreement.

"Our inspectors are there. They verified the shutting down of the reactor yesterday," said Mohamed ElBaradei, chief of the U.N. International Atomic Energy Agency.

"The process has been going quite well and we have had good cooperation from North Korea. It's a good step in the right direction," ElBaradei said in Bangkok, where he was to attend an event sponsored by Thailand's Ministry of Science.

This is a good sign – especially if the existent fissile material is also a part of the deal.

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  1. Bill Franklin says:

    So calling North Korea part of the axis of evil and cutting off talks with them finally produced some results!

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