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About That Porous Border

Untitled document ABC News is reporting that we have a wee bit of a problem: The FBI is investigating an alleged human smuggling operation based in Chaparral, N.M., that agents say is bringing "Iraqis and other Middle Eastern" individuals across … Continue reading

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Untitled document A new variation on the Nigerian letter scam has cropped up, ABC News is reporting. This one sends an email to potential victims claiming to be from a rogue US soldier. The scam is the usual pattern, however. … Continue reading

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People Pay To Study This

Untitled document Longtime readers know I am a bit of a history buff. But archaeologists have always fascinated me in particular. These folks pay a lot of money in college tuition then go out and do backbreaking labor in usually … Continue reading

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Untitled document Having spent a good many years in the Nuclear industry, I can say from experience that seismic concerns are addressed in every plant design. For older plants, the required seismic upgrades have been extensive. One plant I worked … Continue reading

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A Dreadful Development

Untitled document We here at Blue Crab Boulevard regret to inform our readers that man's best friend, strong-armed by the enforcers of the Animal Uprising™, have turned on us. Oh not all of them yet. But enough. Just ask Marcus … Continue reading

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The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Untitled document Or leaving deposits, as the case may be. Wisconsin is having to deal with a rapidly growing population of giant Canada geese. The feathered fiends are noisy, hostile and, worst of all, extremely messy. A fifteen pound giant … Continue reading

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The Fish And I

Untitled document Did you know it is illegal in Thailand to possess anything related to The King and I, the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical? The weird things you find out. Anyway, a fishing guide in Thailand has landed a carp … Continue reading

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A Great Legal Step Forward

Untitled document Well, things might be bad in Germany, demographics-wise, but there is hope on the legal front. Police there are refusing to arrest a man for exercising a fundamental human right. That's right, its completely legal to throw your … Continue reading

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Rugby Has Cannibals!

Untitled document I never played the game myself, but a lot of my friends in college were Rugby players. Every, single one of them was certifiable. Completely whacked. Crazy as loons. But man, could they throw a mean party. Anyway, … Continue reading

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Snakes On An SUV!

Untitled document A man in Pennsylvania recently got a personal introduction to the Animal Uprising™. He stopped at a local convenience store to gas up his SUV. Which is when he was informed that he had a passenger.  BETHLEHEM, Pa. – … Continue reading

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March Of The Sockpuppets

Untitled document The New York Times notices the ruckus created by the exposure of John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods, as a sockpuppet. It is pretty hard on Mackey. For executives like Mr. Mackey, sock-puppeting is probably more gratifying than … Continue reading

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Deal Reached On Dow Jones

Untitled document A tentative deal has been reached for Rupert Murdoch's News Corp to buy Dow Jones. The deal will be put to a vote with the board of Dow Jones later today (according to the WSJ website. The AP … Continue reading

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Finally, Some Government Democrats Want To Cut

Untitled document The good news: the Dems found something to cut. The bad news: it is the only office that provides some oversight, however limited, for unions. They are attempting to gut the budget for the Office of Labor Management … Continue reading

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