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At Last, An Answer?

Untitled document Most folks just shake their head when they see the "solutions" that bureaucrats come up with for problems. Oh sure, the left wing thinks government is the answer to all things, but really, most folks are just bemused … Continue reading

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Obama: Genocide Is Okay

Untitled document Those of us who have been opposing a withdrawal from Iraq have been demanding that politicians agitating for it face up to what the result will be. We have seen all the dancing around the issue with nary … Continue reading

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Best Argument EVER For Using A Cash Card

Untitled document Sure, cash cards are convenient, banks and credit card companies have been pushing their use as being easier and safer than carrying cash. But here is the best – the absolute best – reason for not carrying cash: … Continue reading

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The Wages Of A Nanny State

Untitled document This could have easily been one of the funniest "Animal Uprising™" stories ever here in the Crabitat. But there is something so sad about all this that I really don't feel like being funny about it. Seven British … Continue reading

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Tigers Invade France

Untitled document It appears the French now have something new to surrender to: tigers. There are reports of what is believed to be a young tiger roaming about in the Bordeaux region of that country. BORDEAUX, France (Reuters) – Police … Continue reading

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Eat Your Heart Out Marge Simpson

Untitled document Oh, sure, Marge Simpson has always sported a beehive hairdo. But doe it have real bees? A Pennsylvania woman almost had a real one. BANGOR, Pa. – A woman was dragging a lounge chair into the shade of … Continue reading

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California Tries For World Record Fondue

Untitled document California has an entry for the Guinness book: World's largest cheese fondue: SACRAMENTO, Calif. – A tractor-trailer hauling blocks of cheese erupted in flames early Thursday, turning much of its cargo into freeway fondue. No one was hurt, … Continue reading

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Plame Case Dismissed

Untitled document As expected by all but the same folks who insisted that Cheney was about to be indicted any second. U.S. District Judge John D. Bates dismissed the case on jurisdictional grounds and said he would not express an … Continue reading

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We Stand Corrected

Untitled document A few days ago, we thought we had discovered the ultimate in Chinese counterfeit goods. No, not designer watch knock-offs or pirated copies of Spiderman 3. It doesn't get any better – or worse, as the case may … Continue reading

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Viking Treasure

Untitled document A father and son treasure hunting team in Britain has discovered the most important viking treasure trove found in the last 150 years. The discovery was actually made in January and kept secret until authorities decided whether or … Continue reading

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No More Good Nudes

Untitled document Well, Brattleboro, Vermont has had enough. They passed an emergency ban on public nudity in most areas of the city, especially downtown or near schools or churches. Officials in Brattleboro voted 3 to 2 on Tuesday night for … Continue reading

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Botulism Warning

Untitled document The Food and Drug Administration is trying to get word out that certain cans of chili sauce may be contaminated by botulism The suspect brands, all originating from the same factory are: Castleberry's Hot Dog Chili Sauce, Austex … Continue reading

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Tearing Off The Halo

Untitled document Niall Stanage, over at The Guardian, writes a column that continues the de-beatification of saint Cindy Sheehan. The Guardian is about as true to the left as you can get in the media. And Stanage absolutely tears into … Continue reading

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