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The Cure For Global Warming

Untitled document Tim Blair has a new column up in the Australian Sunday Telegraph discussing the newest, breathless pronunciation from the Australia Institute. They have, apparently with straight faces, announced that Australia, which according to Blair produces 1.5% of all … Continue reading

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We Have The Scoop

Untitled document There has been a lot of interest in The New Republic's pseudonymous "Scott Thomas". Whether it is square cartridge cases or changing a Humvee tire in waist deep sewage, something smells about the entire coverage TNR has delivered. … Continue reading

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Funniest Report About Harry Potter Ever

Untitled document An avid Australian Harry Potter fan, waiting in line (in bitter cold temperatures) for the last book in the series lost his pre-paid receipt into the waters of a lake. He dove it to try to retrieve the paper. … Continue reading

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Historical Accuracy

Untitled document I've posted a few times about the Sea Stallion of Glendalough, billed as the largest replica Viking ship ever built. First here, then here and finally here. As promised, the crew of the ship launched its planned invasion … Continue reading

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Eeny, Meeny, Chili Beanie, The Spirits Are About To Speak

Untitled document Ah, the classics. That line from Bullwinkle is perfect for the title to this post. Because the subject is (cue theremin music) orbs! Yes, orbs. Glowing, weird globs of light that appear in pictures. The Daily Mail asks … Continue reading

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Level Heads

Untitled document The man behind the The Great Global Warming Swindle, Martin Durkin, has a piece in The Australian that addresses the outright hostility from zealots at the Australian Broadcasting Company following the airing of his film on that network. … Continue reading

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Harry Reid’s Bitter Partisan Hackery

Untitled document Gee, that post title looks positively Greenwaldian. But it certainly fits for a post that addresses the Washington Post's issuing an editorial that positively hammers Harry Reid for his bitter and irresponsible partisan posturing. And boy, this editorial … Continue reading

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An American Problem

Untitled document The Lebanon Daily Star is carrying an op-ed by Michael Young that should be required reading for American politicians. Young points out, correctly, that the world sees the situation in Iraq not as a partisan, internal political problem … Continue reading

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Untitled document While it is quite common to go to a steakhouse for a bite, it isn't generally the patron or the staff that is the bitee. Not so at Chef Fred's Chesapeake Steakhouse, Bar & Grill in Salisbury, Maryland. One of … Continue reading

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