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Looming Train Wreck

Untitled document I probably shouldn't point this out and simply let it happen. But Dan Gerstein brings it up over at The Politico, so it isn't exactly a big secret. He posts that the nutroots are now gearing up for … Continue reading

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Empty-Headed Demagoguery

Untitled document Empty-headed demagoguery from Russ Feingold today. He wants to "censure" President Bush – an empty, meaningless gesture designed to placate his more rabid base elements since he is undoubtedly smart enough to realize that a) despite the wish-upon-a-star … Continue reading

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Justice Denied

Untitled document A good friend of Blue Crab Boulevard, mystery writer JA Jance has a new book coming out and a new book tour finalized. You can meet JA and get your books signed. Here's a portion of the email … Continue reading

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Times Change

Untitled document Some readers may know that I am originally from the Adirondack region of New York State. I don't remember living in Lake Placid, I was an infant. But I do remember Saranac Lake and the big house we … Continue reading

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Tunneling Through Water

Untitled document That is pretty much exactly what Dutch Engineers are doing to install a new subway system in Amsterdam. The city is built up on what amounts to mud in the first place, with structures supported on pile systems, … Continue reading

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Texas Flood

Untitled document Well dark clouds are rollin in….man I'm standin out in the rain Well dark clouds are rollin in….man I'm standin out in the rain Yeah flood water keep a rollin….man it's about to drive poor me insane (Davis/Scott, … Continue reading

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Happy Blogaversary

Untitled document The flagship of William Teach, The Pirate's Cove turns three today. Happy blogaversary, Captain! Or is that Commodore? Tweet

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Penguins Invade Scotland

Untitled document In a chilling development, there have been a spate of penguin sightings near the famed St Andrews golf course. The Animal Uprising™ is staking a claim to take over the crown jewel of golf.   A POSSIBLE answer to … Continue reading

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The Silence Of The Ponies

Untitled document Mark Steyn points out a few news items that have generated no real media coverage to speak of. Iran, having gotten away with it numerous times in the past, is holding hostages again. American hostages. How do you feel about … Continue reading

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Democrat’s “Achievements”

Untitled document Don Surber points to the recent poll numbers that show that the Democratic leadership in Congress has "achieved" one thing: They have actually made Bush's poll numbers look great. Voters are giving Congress the lowest marks ever for … Continue reading

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Today’s British Lunacy Report

Untitled document The head of "cultural services" for the city council of Durham has reacted angrily to the proposed name of a new restaurant set to open in that city. Buddhist businessman Eddie Fung has invested around £1.3 million into the … Continue reading

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