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The Aroma Of Burning Bridges

Untitled document Cindy Sheehan got her attention-starved self arrested today. It even got the media, who cheerfully pushed her as the absolute moral authority on ending the war, upset enough to momentarily undo her unperson status. WASHINGTON — Anti-war activist … Continue reading

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Ferrari Ups The Ante On Accessories

Untitled document If you thought Ferraris were well equipped before, you should see what they're accessorizing the cars with now. Nude Blondes. In gold stilettos. BERLIN (Reuters) – A mysterious blonde paid a visit to a petrol station shop in the … Continue reading

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Shock To The System

Untitled document The recent special election in Georgia to fill the seat in the House of Representatives left vacant when Charlie Norwood died is the subject of John Fund's column this week in the Opinion Journal. Fund quotes Robert Novak's … Continue reading

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Invasion Foiled

Untitled document China narrowly averted an invasion by the reptile legions of the Animal Uprising™. The clever crocodiles, disguised as innocent looking sacks, attempted to cross into China from Vietnam with the assistance of human accomplices. Alert border guards caught wind … Continue reading

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Bearing Up In Canada

Untitled document Bears in Canada have found a new fast food – self-delivered, too. We're talking about mountain bikers, of course. One woman was apparently killed by a bear in British Columbia while two others managed to escape a grizzly … Continue reading

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*Sigh* Another Day, Another UN Peacekeeper Sex Scandal

Untitled document One cannot help but wonder how the "internationalist" supporters of the UN will creatively ignore this latest exposure. It seems that a large contingent of Moroccan troops attached to the UN peacekeeping mission in Ivory Coast have been … Continue reading

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The Next Offensive

Untitled document I actually caught wind of this in the Washington Post this morning, then tripped over the Omaha World Herald story while working on the previous post. It seems that the next offensive by islamists against American values has … Continue reading

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Reid Works To “Reform” Senate

Untitled document Robert Novak reports on a number of behind the scenes moves being made by Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to "reform" the way the Senate handles earmarks. Yep, good old Harry and Nancy think the already murky and … Continue reading

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