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Hurricane Season Predictions Downgraded

Untitled document Oh, not by a whole lot, but it appears to be somewhat significant. Private forecaster WSI Corp. has reduced the predictions it made earlier this year. Why? Because water temperatures in the Atlantic are significantly lower than predictions. … Continue reading

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Ward Churchill: Unemployed

Untitled document The Board of Regents for the University of Colorado have sent Ward Churchill packing for academic dishonesty including plagiarism and falsification. About time. Churchill plans to sue. This should be highly amusing. BOULDER — The University of Colorado's … Continue reading

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Must Read: Michael J. Totten In Baghdad

Untitled document This one really is a must read. Michael J. Totten recounts a trip into the Graya’at neighborhood of Northern Baghdad. It is nothing – not a bit – like what the media has inundated us with daily. The … Continue reading

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Untitled document Stratford-Upon-Avon, former stomping grounds of William Shakespeare, was the site of much excitement over the weekend. Pub-goers streamed out of the bars to watch a series of unexplained lights in the sky. UFOs over Jolly old England? Well, … Continue reading

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Flipping On Genocide

Untitled document Jonah Goldberg, writing in the Los Angeles Times, points out the "liberal" flip-flop on stopping genocide. He's noted Barack Obama's recent statement to the media that stopping genocide is not a good reason to stay in Iraq. He points … Continue reading

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Fine Dining In Canada

Untitled document On real Canadians. We mentioned that Canadian bears had discovered a new favorite fast food: mountain bike riders. Well, sometimes they actually like a slower paced dining experience. Sleeping campers. Allie Bourne, who was visiting from Toronto and … Continue reading

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Exploding Myth, Exploding Taxes

Untitled document The Opinion Journal takes a look at the extremely high cost of "free" health care as it is being proposed in Wisconsin. Hold on to your socks, Badger State residents. They are certifiable in the Wisconsin Senate. This exercise … Continue reading

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Emergency Landing

Untitled document An airplane made an emergency landing on US Highway 41 near the Fond du Lac county airport on Sunday. The pilot and passenger escaped unharmed. The landing was caught on video taken by a police car camera system. … Continue reading

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Hi Yo Silver, Getaway!

Untitled document Virginia is not just for lovers anymore. It is also the hot spot for drunken horseback getaway attempts! A Culpeper, Virginia couple have been arrested for attempting to escape the police, drunk and on horseback. For the second … Continue reading

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FDA Issues Urgent Warning

Untitled document I posted a few days ago about a recall of products due to botulism contamination. The FDA and the company involved have greatly expanded the recall. The FDA is calling this urgent and is pleading with consumers to … Continue reading

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The Price Is Wrong

Untitled document Well, Rosie O'Donnell is still out of work. Despite her public lobbying – and a sort-of endorsement from retired host Bob Barker – the new host of The Price is Right will be comedian Drew Carey. Gee, no … Continue reading

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Untitled document The six people jailed in Libya for the past 8-1/2 years, falsely accused of spreading AIDS to children, have been released from prison. After flying the five Bulgarian nurses and one Palestinian doctor to Bulgaria, the president of … Continue reading

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Counterfeit Picketers

Untitled document The Washington Post has an article describing the newest in union tactics: hiring homeless people to populate picket lines. Actually, it really isn't new, it has been going on for a while now. But this is the most … Continue reading

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