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Driving Short

Untitled document I cannot remember now where I picked up this term. It may have been in a long-forgotten driver safety film that you were required to watch before getting a license. You know, the "Mechanized Death" or some such … Continue reading

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It Isn’t Easter, So It Must Be Erie

Untitled document A literal plague of little white bunnies is invading a grocery store in Erie, Pennsylvania. Workers there have no idea where the pasty pests are coming from, but they have found them everywhere. ERIE, Pa. – A grocery … Continue reading

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Tour De Farce

Untitled document Amid almost non-stop doping scandals, the Tour de France bicycle race is continuing along its merry way. But they are seriously losing any semblance of dignity and are now facing what may be a fatal blow: the media … Continue reading

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Life Line

Untitled document Robert A. Heinlein's first published science fiction story was named Life Line. In it, Dr. Hugo Pinero invented a machine he called a "chronovitameter". The device could tell an individual the exact hour of his or her death. … Continue reading

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Just Say Naaaaaa To Nerve Gas

Untitled document American scientists, with funding from the US Department of Defense, have found a new way to produce an anti-toxin for nerve agents. Initial testing of the new drug shows that it would be more effective than the current … Continue reading

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Fluffy Is On The Loose!

Untitled document Fluffy is on the loose in Memphis. Dana Shields, Fluffy's owner, lost track of her pet a few weeks ago and is running ads in local papers trying to locate him. She's very concerned that someone might try … Continue reading

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Exhibitionist Hedgehogs Perform Porn

Untitled document And if you think we're making this up, you don't really know us very well at all. German police were called to investigate a disturbance in a garden in Bremen recently. The homeowner heard a bunch of loud … Continue reading

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Giant Squid Eat Calfornia Swimmers!

Untitled document That looks like the type of headline you'd see in the National Inquirer, doesn't it? We'd like to point out that it is absolutely true. Huge squid are rampaging around in the waters off the California coast, dining … Continue reading

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The Occult Hand

Untitled document Kathleen Parker takes a look at the "Scott Thomas" controversy. The New Republic is on the hot seat right now for the lurid stories that the anonymous diarist has been sending to that magazine. Many people have called … Continue reading

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Thug Tactics

Untitled document Gee, for all the screeching coming from the left about the supposed thug tactics of the right, why is it that the real thug tactics on the left are routinely ignored? Hmmmm? Projection, maybe? Michael Goodwin, writing in … Continue reading

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False Gods

Untitled document Robert Samuelson devotes his column this week to debunking the Prius politics of many of the true believers. The Prius is described as a "hippie car" by Samuelson's son. The description is apt. WASHINGTON — My younger son … Continue reading

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Feeding Frenzy

Untitled document She came down from Cincinnati It took her three days on a train Lookin' for some peace and quiet Hopes to see the sun again Lives down by the ocean Takin' care to look for sharks They hang … Continue reading

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