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Please, Curb Your Dog

Untitled document A good friend sent this to me. I'll pay him back for that later.   Tweet

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Pot, Meet Kettle

Untitled document In the silliest comment I have read on one of the "big" blogs recently, I give you Josh Marshall: It's looking like there might not be a GOP CNN/Youtube debate. Rudy appears to be opting out and Mitt … Continue reading

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Anonymous Allegations

Untitled document There are reports circulating that allegations have been made – anonymously – that US astronauts have been drunk at launch time. Aviation Week made a big splash by announcing that this was "found" by a panel that was … Continue reading

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The Running Of The Vets

Untitled document In an act of revenge for the annual "Running of the Bulls" in Pamplona, Spain, the Animal Uprising™ has come up with a new event: The running of the Vets. As in veterinarians. KREBS, Okla. — A large … Continue reading

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Vegetable Voodoo

Untitled document Well, you'll be happy to know that the organizers of the Quick Chek New Jersey Festival of Ballooning have discovered a method of ensuring good weather for the event. Virgin sacrifice. Well, ok, the virgin doesn't actually get offed, … Continue reading

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A Tortuous Path

Untitled document Ayaan Hirsi Ali writes a short autobiographical sketch on the winding path she followed to finally arrive in America. It ias a story worth taking the time to read. Life in Somalia was no Zamunda, with cool breezes … Continue reading

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NASA Reports Sabotage

Untitled document NASA has reported that a subcontractor intentionally sabotaged a computer that was to be carried up to the International Space Station by shuttle Endeavour. The sabotage was detected before the computer was loaded. The unidentified subcontractor also damaged … Continue reading

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Untitled document Taylor Dinerman writes a nice biographical sketch of Robert Anson Heinlein in today's Opinion Journal. Science fiction at one time was despised as vulgar and "populist" by university English departments. Today, it is just another cultural artifact to … Continue reading

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Ace Digs Up Some Serious Dirt On TNR

Untitled document If the Ace is correct, he has uncovered a real can of worms over at The New Republic. It would appear that "Scott Thomas" Beauchamp is enagaged to a TNR staffer. It would also appear that a TRN … Continue reading

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National Health Death Service

Untitled document Michael Moore and his ilk are singing the praises of socialized medicine. Touting the British, Canadian and even Cuban systems as better than the US. I guess we are not supposed to notice things like this report about the … Continue reading

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Convict Ships

Untitled document The Daily Mail has a longish account of the first fleet of convict ships that sailed from England to the continent of Australia in 1787. Needless to say, most of the convicts were transported for what today would be … Continue reading

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The Giant Rat Of Louisiana Heads North

Untitled document The Lafayette, Louisiana Daily Advertiser reports on the progress of a giant rat invasion. The giant rats, known as nutria, first showed up in the area 50 years ago or so. They won't leave. Well, except to invade … Continue reading

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AP Perpetuates Myth

Untitled document The opening for this story is very misleading: Fired Colo. professor sues university DENVER – A professor who was fired after comparing some Sept. 11 victims to a Nazi sued the school Wednesday, saying officials retaliated against him for … Continue reading

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“Scott Thomas” Revealed?

Untitled document The New Republic is running a statement from "Scott Thomas" identifying himself a private Scott Thomas Beauchamp, Alpha Company, 1/18 Infantry, Second Brigade Combat Team, First Infantry Division. And the Army has launched an investigation into the events Beauchamp wrote … Continue reading

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