So Much For The Rain Forests

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And so much for claims that global warming true believers care about the Earth. The Malaysian rain forests are disappearing very, very rapidly. Logging is happening at an astonishing pace and the cleared land is being replanted. With palm oil plantations to provide "environmentally conscious" Westerners with biofuels. They're raping the planet to save it, don't you know. Oh, and the nomadic tribes that once inhabited the rapidly disappearing forests? Let them die. They have less than two years left at the rate it is going.

One of the last nomadic tribes on earth is threatened by rampant commercial logging and palm oil plantations for bio-fuel, a Malaysian government report said yesterday.

For 20 years the Penan people from the jungles of Serawak have mounted a peaceful campaign to protect their ancestral lands, only to be driven back by soldiers, police and contractors.

Earlier this year, as police firing shots in the air tore down the latest blockades of bamboo tied with grass, Penan leaders said that if the loggers were not stopped their jungle would be entirely destroyed within two years.

Now at last they have received some official backing. "Claims made [by Penans] on ancestral land are often not considered by the relevant authorities and those who clear the forest areas and commence logging and oil palm activities," said the report, recommending that the land code be reviewed to include customary rights.

It may already be too late for the Penan. The rainforests of Serawak are millions of years old but have been decimated by the Malaysian logging companies which, campaigners say, have felled trees at a faster rate than anywhere else in the world.

According to the British charity Survival, the rights of the Penan over the land are "openly violated".

That is one inconvenient truth, folks. The fashionistas of the First Church of the Presumptuous Assumption of Global Warming®, led by Pope Goreus I could care less about the Penan or the Malaysian rainforests. "Do something," they demand. Well, raping the planet has never been easier. Now it is fashionable. Gorezilla can get people to pat themselves on the back and drive around in the environmentally disastrous Prius fueled with biofuel derived from the former lands of a soon-to-be-extinct people and feel good about it. Who's zooming who?

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