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Sleep Tight Bite

Untitled document We here at Blue Crab Boulevard have spent countless hours documenting the depravities of the Animal Uprising™, especially the behavior of the reptile legions. The alligator brigades have perfected the art of disguise and have managed to camouflage … Continue reading

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The Proper Response To Thuggery

Untitled document Ken Wheaton, writing over at Advertising Age points out the, as he calls it, faux news about the left's newest thuggery regarding Fox News. Let's just say he's less than complimentary at the bullying tactics the left is … Continue reading

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The Hard Way

Untitled document A 24-year old hoodlum launched a brutal assault on a 93-year old Arkansas man, beating him with a full soda can more than 50 times. The victim, knocked unconscious by the violent attack, recovered sufficiently to pull a .38 … Continue reading

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A Sorry Story About The Storied Wildlife Of Story

Untitled document Story, Wyoming, home to kindly people who like to feed deer because they "love" them. Isn't that heartwarming. The deer love Story and the free food a lot, too. So much so that they are swarming the area. … Continue reading

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The Mystery Of The Missing Pool

Untitled document The story made international headlines. News outlets all over ran with the story of the theft of a swimming pool – and all of its water – from a backyard in New Jersey. Now, belatedly, the paper that … Continue reading

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Greyhawk And The Last Word On “Scott Thomas”

Untitled document Greyhawk's post says it all. Tweet

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*Sigh* WaPo Horns In

Untitled document Those media bullies are at it again. Now the venerable Washington Post is horning in on the Crabitat's turf. Yes, they are writing articles about sharks feasting on tender human flesh. SHARK! LOOK OUT! A GREAT WHITE!  IT'S … Continue reading

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Tales Of The RCMPB

Untitled document Dudley Dooright would feel right at home with this story out of Canada. A beekeeper in Shelburne, Nova Scotia asked the local detachment of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for assistance. He needed help rounding up his bees. It … Continue reading

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