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Yet Another Twisted Headline

Untitled document ABC News Blares: Three in 10 Call SCOTUS 'Too Conservative'. All they need is three exclamation points or maybe all caps to make it more sophomoric. Because you could also screech: Two in 10 call SCOTUS 'Too Liberal'. … Continue reading

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Oh Deer

Untitled document One of the enforcers for the Animal Uprising™ conducted a daring daylight raid on a hardware store in downtown Farmington, Michigan Friday. The deadly deer, obviously on steroids, knocked the store's front door completely off the hinges. It … Continue reading

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“There Is Only One, United Iraq”

Untitled document The words of an Iraqi policeman celebrating the victory of the Iraqi soccer team over Saudi Arabia. The Iraqi team has placed first in the Asian Cup matches. A huge boost to the people of that country. BAGHDAD … Continue reading

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Untitled document At 0014 hours on July 30, 1945, the American heavy cruiser USS Indianapolis was hit by two torpedoes launched from the Japanese submarine I-58. The ship capsized and sank in 12 minutes. The Indianapolis had just completed delivery … Continue reading

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Unexploded Ordnance

Untitled document British authorities were forced to close off a large area surrounding a construction site when an unexploded V-1 missile was discovered. LONDON (Reuters) – Police closed streets near London's Canary Wharf financial district on Saturday after an unexploded … Continue reading

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Change Of Tone

Untitled document There appears to be a change in tone over at the Washington Post about withdrawing from Iraq. Even David Ignatius – not someone you would call a supporter of the war – is pointing out that the strident voices of … Continue reading

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The Dictator Of New York

Untitled document Michael Goodwin is positively pulling out the stops to go after New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. In fact Spitzer's fall from grace in the wake of the recent scandal that revealed that his office had used state police … Continue reading

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When Grizzly Bear Suits Attack

Untitled document Well, this should make people think hard about what they are watching on television. What you see may not be at all what you think you are seeing. Or being told you are seeing. The British Broadcasting Company … Continue reading

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Crime Yes, “Hate Crime”, No

Untitled document Tom Maguire has a post up about an arrest at Pace University. A man was arrested for the "hate crime" of throwing a koran down a toilet. I Guess He Should Have Just Burned A Flag This will make for … Continue reading

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