UN Votes To Send Force To Darfur

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The United Nations Security Council has approved a joint UN-African Union force to enter Darfur to stop the violence there.

The 15-member body voted unanimously to approve Resolution 1769 mandating a 26,000-strong "hybrid" force, to be known as UNAMID, to take over peacekeeping in Darfur from 7,000 ill-equipped AU troops.

UN chief Ban Ki-moon immediately hailed as "historic and unprecedented" the resolution, which was co-sponsored by Britain, Belgium, Congo, France, Italy, Peru and Slovakia.

Although it also backed the resolution and worked closely with the lead co-sponsors — Britain and France — the United States took a tough stance against Khartoum, warning of sanctions if it did not comply with the resolution.

"Sudan can choose the path of cooperation or defiance," said US ambassador to the UN Zalmay Khalilzad.

"We look to its government to do the right thing and pursue the path of peace," he added. "If Sudan does not comply" with the resolution, "the United States will move for the swift adoption of unilateral and multilateral measures" against Khartoum.

Sudan appears to have gotten the message – they do not appear to be inclined to refuse the UN force. The makeup of the force is not yet known, members have 30 days to firm up troop commitments. It is important to note that the measure was approved under Chapter 7 of the UN Charter. That clears the way for the use of force to enforce the UN resolution, should it be necessary..

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3 Responses to UN Votes To Send Force To Darfur

  1. Jack . says:

    I’d like to be hopeful about this.

    But I keep thinking about all of the news reports I’m liekly to read about the UN troops raping little boys and girls.

    Let it be and watch all the butchery and terrorism, try and fix it and watch all the likely killing, corruption, and raping.

    It ain’t much of a choice.
    I guess you take what you can get.

  2. Gaius says:

    It rather depends on the makeup of the force that is sent in, doesn’t it? I am not confident that the UN can help a lot – but it may at least be a little better than what has been happening there.

  3. All that was really needed were 3 AC-130’s and a couple of Hawkeyes for a week. That would have eliminated the Janjaweed.

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