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Democrats: Tax The Poor, Screw The Seniors

Untitled document Well, the House has just passed – pretty much along party lines – a bill that imposes regressive taxes on the poor and slashes money for the elderly to provide health care to the middle class. Wow. Just … Continue reading

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Highway Bridge Collapses In Minneapolis

Untitled document A bridge on Interstate 35 has collapsed into the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Many cars have been plunged into the water. Initial reports indicate that there are injuries – no word on fatalities yet. Tons of concrete … Continue reading

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Road Ends

Untitled document It looks like Francis Wiley has decided to hang up his keys. The Florida man, currently awaiting sentencing in the Pasco County pokey for his felonious driving habits is swearing he will not drive again. Which is probably … Continue reading

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Cracks, Part Three

Untitled document Don Surber notes – with an appropriate lever of schadenfreude – the latest poll numbers for the Democratic party led Congress. It is not, in the least, a pretty picture for the Democrats. The survey said: Survey shows … Continue reading

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Modern Miracle

Untitled document A man who spent the past six years in a "near-vegetative" state due to severe brain injuries is talking to his family, sitting up, eating and watching movies. The astonishing recovery is the result of an experimental treatment … Continue reading

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Untitled document Here's an odd little item that caught my eye. One of China's cell phone providers is making a new service available to subscribers. For about a dollar a month, they will send pictures of military weapons and video … Continue reading

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Yo, Ho, Ho And A Reefer Of Fish

Untitled document A new report just released in Britain by a hitherto obscure group of activists claims that pirate fish have been seizing fishing vessels and forcing themselves onto the market in Britain to be eaten. It's pirate fish fish laundering on … Continue reading

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Justice Is Served

Untitled document Serbian authorities have finally woken up to the potential dangers of the Animal Uprising™. They have finally done the right thing and jailed the real miscreant responsible for a violent crime. That's right, they threw the bull in … Continue reading

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Words Have Meaning

Untitled document frat·ri·cide Pronunciation: 'fra-tr&-"sId Function: noun Etymology: Middle French, from Latin fratricida, from fratr- frater brother + -cida killing 1 : one that murders or kills his or her own brother or sister or an individual (as a countryman) … Continue reading

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To Heck With Our Enemies, Let’s Invade Our Allies

Untitled document Barack Obama, in what can only be described as insanity, has just made a speech warning that he would invade Pakistan if he felt that government was not doing enough to curb terrorists. Harshly critical or the Iraq … Continue reading

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Great White Red Herring

Untitled document British authorities are stridently denying that the videos and still pictures showing a shark circling around just off a popular British beach show a great white shark. It is the start of the holiday season in Britain and … Continue reading

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Taxing The Poor

Untitled document Robert Robb, writing in the Arizona Republic, points out the many absurdities of the massive expansion of the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) being proposed by Congressional Democrats. It will expand the program – already distorted by … Continue reading

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Facing Up To An Aging America

Untitled document Robert Samuelson has a column up today over at Real Clear Politics that should, rightfully, scare the socks off any thinking American. He points out a really, really inconvenient truth: the Baby boomers could very well bankrupt America … Continue reading

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Untitled document L Gordon Crovitz, is not exactly a household name, but he is the publisher of the Wall Street Journal. In today's Opinion Journal, he assures subscribers and readers that the purchase of Dow Jones by News Corp will … Continue reading

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