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Pakistan: Obama’s Remarks “Ignorant”

Untitled document Gee, this "muscular" foreign policy position of Barack Obama is sure paying off handsomely in improved foreign relations. Pakistan today reacted – with bitter anger – over Obama's threats. Obama warned Wednesday that if he is elected president, … Continue reading

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Oddity, Part The Third

Untitled document Hmm. The first oddity I posted was about China and a cell phone provider sending war movie clips to subscriber's phones. The second was about a Chinese internet game that allowed people to "kill" corrupt officials in an virtual … Continue reading

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Minneapolis Bridge Was Declared Structurally Deficient In 1990

Untitled document And the state of Minnesota sprang into action and increased the frequency of inspections. But replace it they did not. Only relatively minor repairs were performed in the 17 years that the state has known the bridge had … Continue reading

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Tupelo Goes Bananas

Untitled document Oliver "Capuchin" Monkey is still on the run in Tupelo, Mississippi. You may remember that Oliver picked the lock on his cell door and broke out of confinement. He has outsmarted his pursuers at every turn despite having … Continue reading

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Oddity, Redux

Untitled document Yesterday I noted that a cell phone service provider in China has started a service to allow subscribers to download pictures of military weapons and war movie clips to their cell phones. Today come this little item. It … Continue reading

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Cracks, Part Four

Untitled document The Hill is reporting that the cracks in the Democratic position on the Iraq war have reached a crisis point. The hard left is in shock after Nancy Pelosi suddenly reversed herself and will allow a floor vote … Continue reading

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Finally! We’ll Get Some Action Now!

Untitled document We here at Blue Crab Boulevard have struggled for a long time to report the news of the Animal Uprising™. Despite some success in raising awareness of the dangers, far too many people ignore us. Or report us. … Continue reading

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Ghoul Deer Spotted In Elko

Untitled document The Elko, Nevada, Daily Free Press is reporting that a ghoul deer has been spotted in a cemetery. They misidentify it as a 'mule' deer, but the difference should be obvious. A 4-by-2 mule deer buck drew numerous … Continue reading

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Endeavour Leak Located, To Be Repaired

Untitled document NASA officials have located the source for a leak in the crew cabin of space shuttle Endeavour and have ordered a repair. The replacement of a faulty relief valve will not impact the shuttle launch date. Shuttle workers … Continue reading

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Spitzer Under Attack

Untitled document New York Governor Eliot Spitzer is acting guilty says Michael Goodwin – who is not letting Spitzer off the hook for the attempted political destruction of the NY state Senate majority leader. With Spitzer continuing to act as … Continue reading

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Tough Talking Obama: Reactions

Untitled document The Chicago Sun Times reports that other Democratic hopefuls for the nomination have come out swinging at Barack Obama's threat to carry out unilateral military strikes against Pakistan if he felt like it needed to be done. Dodd … Continue reading

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Minneapolis Brodge Collapse Update

Untitled document The Star Tribune is now reporting that nine people are confirmed to have died in the tragedy and that 20 more are missing. About 60 people are injured. Divers had to stop working for several hours during the … Continue reading

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