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Hard Lesson

Untitled document Well, maybe Michael Francis Wiley will finally learn his lesson this time. A Florida judge has sentenced the triple amputee to five years in prison for driving and drug charges. He will be on probation for 15 more … Continue reading

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Turtle Soup

Untitled document Ok, an update on the turtle they caught in New York Harbor. The submarine was a replica of David Bushnell's Turtle submarine. The three men arrested include a "performance artist". One of the men claims to be descended … Continue reading

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Turtle Captured In New York Harbor

Untitled document And this is not an "Animal Uprising™" story. The second I saw the picture of this thing they caught in New York Harbor, I thought of the Turtle, a submarine built and used (unsuccessfully) in the American Revolutionary … Continue reading

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Meet George Jetson

Untitled document Moller International has announced that the M200G Volantor is entering production according to Sky News. Soon, you will be able to buy your very own flying saucer – or reasonable facsimile thereof. The flying disk will only go … Continue reading

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British Police Spring Into Action!

Untitled document We are very pleased to report that the British police are now taking the Animal Uprising™ with complete seriousness. They are pulling out all the stops to capture animals running amok in the streets. And they are committing … Continue reading

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Minnesota Had Money Available For Bridge Repairs

Untitled document Ed Morrisey has been all over the story of the Minneapolis bridge collapse, which is hardly surprising since it is a local story for him. Today he points out that despite the bloviating about infrastructure and spending that … Continue reading

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Finish The Job

Untitled document The father of a Marine killed in Iraq has a simple request for Congress, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports. Stop the political wrangling and finish the job in Iraq. John and Shawn Wroblewski lost their oldest son, Marine 2d Lt. … Continue reading

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Some Actually Learn From The Past

Untitled document Kimberley Strassel devotes her weekly column in the Opinion Journal to taxes, class warfare and the unusual position some Democrats find themselves in. It makes for some interesting reading. Back in the hot summer of 1990, Senate Majority Leader … Continue reading

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