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Finally! A “Climate Change” Initiative That Will Be Popular!

Untitled document This is absolutely hysterical. Using official British government statistics a noted environmentalist, who is a published author on environmental subjects as well as a Green Party parliamentary candidate, has come up with a program that will be good … Continue reading

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Exactly Right

Untitled document Patrick Ruffini, writing over at Hugh Hewitt's blog, has a masterful analysis of what the right has gotten right – and wrong – on the web. Who is jealous of who here? YearlyKos, and also the Take Back … Continue reading

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Whitesnake, Black Bear

Untitled document Everyone is a critic, even in the Animal Uprising™. The lead singer for big hair metal band Whitesnake is under siege by black bears in his Lake Tahoe, Nevada home. David Coverdale has had bear peeping toms, bear … Continue reading

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“Damn The Torpedoes! Full Speed Ahead!”

Untitled document On the morning of August 5, 1864, a fleet of 18 Union warships under command of Admiral David Farragut entered Mobile Bay. Under heavy fire from Fort Morgan and Fort Gaines, the fleet maneuvered through a "torpedo field", … Continue reading

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The Sick(o) Truth

Untitled document Liz Mair, writing in the San Diego Union-Tribune, takes apart socialized medicine as depicted in Michael Moore's Sicko in an op-ed today. She knows what she is talking about – she lived in Britain under the National Health Service. … Continue reading

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