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This Is VERY Bad

Untitled document The Times of London is reporting that the release of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) from a British laboratory may have been deliberate. The deliberate release of viral material, possibly in an act of sabotage, may have caused … Continue reading

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The Invasion Has Begun

Untitled document In 1951 the dean of American science fiction, Robert Anson Heinlein, published a dire warning to the world in the form of a novel named The Puppetmasters. Oh, many critics have tried to say that Heinlein was warning … Continue reading

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Totally Nuts

Untitled document I spotted this story on Yahoo and just had to find the original story, not the AP version. I think this is it. A Minnesota man was unable to get doctors to remove his testicles so he hired … Continue reading

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Crocodile Paratroops Invade Russia!

Untitled document Oh, sure, you think we're making this up, don't you? Hah! The Russian nuclear research town of Sarov isn't laughing. When it starts raining crocodiles on a busy street, there's not much to laugh about! The one-metre (3.3-feet) … Continue reading

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They Don’t Teach The Aeneid In Dutch Schools, Apparently

Untitled document Laocoon, follow'd by a num'rous crowd, Ran from the fort, and cried, from far, aloud: ‘O wretched countrymen! What fury reigns? What more than madness has possess'd your brains? Think you the Grecians from your coasts are gone? … Continue reading

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Pig-Biting Mad

Untitled document Well, the Weekly World News is folding and the Washington Post is carrying it as straight news. Interesting times, indeed. The Weekly World News was not one of those sleazy tabloids that cover tawdry celebrity scandals. It was … Continue reading

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Waste Of Money

Untitled document Venice is famous for many things. Such as floods, guys paddling people around in odd looking boats while singing, stinky canals, floods, interesting architecture and of course, floods. To try and prevent the floods the government has spent … Continue reading

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When The Circus Comes To Town….

Untitled document ….There are always klowns. Dennis Byrne reports on the lefty bloggers reactions to Hillary Clinton at the Koz Kidz Konfab. When Clinton spoke the truth at the forum about lobbying practices in Washington, the crowd roundly booed her. … Continue reading

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Look For The Leftist Label

Untitled document Jonah Goldberg takes on the subject of labels. He points out that the left is running away from the term 'liberal' and embracing 'progressive'. Both terms mean nothing of the sort, however. Now, when the presumptive standard bearer … Continue reading

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Running The KGB Playbook

Untitled document This is a stinging indictment of the tactics of the left. It comes from Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest ranking foreign intelligence officer ever to defect to the West from the old Soviet bloc. He charges that the … Continue reading

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