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Educated Guess

Untitled document I am quite sure there will be a lot of media attention on this item, which I caught over at Memeorandum. The New York Times is blaring a headline: Potential Flaw Is Found in Design of Fallen Bridge. … Continue reading

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Size 12 Clay Feet

Untitled document The Commission's Complaint, filed on April 14, 2003, alleged that beginning on March 6, 2000, Armstrong touted the stock of BluePoint Linux Software Corporation ("BluePoint") by posting unsubstantiated, favorable buy recommendations on the Raging Bull internet site. Armstrong … Continue reading

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Godspeed Endeavour

Untitled document STS-118 has successfully launched from the Kennedy Space Center at 6:36 pm EDT. Shuttle Endeavour is away, carrying Barbara Morgan, who was the backup for Christa McAuliffe who was killed when Challenger exploded. Endeavour and its crew of … Continue reading

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Socialized Medicine And The National Health Death Service

Untitled document A 22-year old British woman went to her free general practitioner doctor to get free treatment for her severe headaches. She was told – for free – that her headaches were the result of stress. She kept going … Continue reading

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Berserk Beaver Bashes Bubbe

Untitled document A Swedish grandmother (or 'bubbe' in Yiddish, which is very similar to Swedish except that all the words are different) has been savaged by a beaver while taking a nice, relaxing swim in a river. The beaver beat … Continue reading

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And Still More Confused

Untitled document The two Muslim men arrested in South Carolina with what authorities describe as "pipe bombs" are getting a lot of attention from the FBI at this point. And things are getting somewhat more confused as details come out. (Some … Continue reading

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Sober Truth

Untitled document A troubling thing these days is the media's increasing use of completely anonymous sources to make lurid allegations. Seldom is there any apology if the allegations turn out to be unsubstantiated – or even proven to be entirely false. … Continue reading

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Going Bear On The Beach

Untitled document Crystal Beach, Ontario, on the shores of Lake Erie is a popular destination in the summer months. And beach-goers there have something to look forward to: a visit from a 700 pound grizzly bear! A 700-pound grizzly bear … Continue reading

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The Irresolute Resolution

Untitled document The Chicago Tribune has a very negative editorial about the latest United Nations "resolution" on Darfur. To call them pessimistic would be optimistic. It's hard to be optimistic about the UN Security Council's toothless resolution — gee, why … Continue reading

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“A Fairyland Of Health Happiness”

Untitled document John Stossel is in rare form today. His weekly column is devoted to the extremely expensive "free" health care Wisconsin Democrats want to impose on the state. And Stossel says the rest of the nation should cheer them … Continue reading

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No Journalistic Omerta?

Untitled document It's a little hard to figure out what is happening at this point with the "Scott Thomas" Beauchamp story at this point. I had thought that the major media outlets were going to simply ignore the kerfluffle after … Continue reading

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