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Untitled document I have got to kill that webcam. Damn you, Pam. You are not supposed to let the secret out. You double-pinky swore. Tweet

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Mississippi Down Under

Untitled document US 90 in Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi has been the site of multiple reports of kangaroos in recent days. The marsupial hordes have been running amok all along the highway, causing great consternation for the local police. BAY … Continue reading

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Rights And Wrongs

Untitled document 85-year old Alton Tillman of Clovis, New Mexico had been the victim of burglaries three times in the past week. He'd had quite enough of that, thank you, and decided to do something about it. So on Tuesday, … Continue reading

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Woman Of Action

Untitled document Back in June, we brought you the story of Dale Rippy of Wesley Chapel, Florida. He is the guy who was viciously attacked by a rabid bobcat. Rippy, with no weapons or means of self defense, kept his cool … Continue reading

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Big Ben Swears Off Bongs

Untitled document Big Ben, the famous bell that strikes the hours in the clock tower that stands at the northeastern end of the Houses of Parliament in London has sworn off bongs – for a month or so. (Big Ben … Continue reading

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Libya Tortured “HIV Medics”

Untitled document Five Bulgarian nurses and one Palestinian doctor were imprisoned by Libya for eight years on charges that they had infected more than 400 children with AIDS. They were convicted in a Libyan court based on their "confessions". The son … Continue reading

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This Is Huge

Untitled document IMPORTANT UPDATE: Power and Control is reporting that Climate Audit, Steve McIntyre's blog, has been hit with what appears to be a DDOS attack. The true believers must not allow anyone to dispute them, apparently. (Via Clayton Cramer). … Continue reading

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Zombie Snake Attacks Man

Untitled document And not just any zombie snake. A beheaded zombie rattlesnake very nearly claimed a human victim. Danny Anderson and his son, Benjamin, pinned a rattlesnake with a length of pipe, then beheaded it with a shovel. Then beat … Continue reading

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Unbearable News

Untitled document We regret to inform our readers that Franska has be transformed from a "conservation scheme" into what is sometimes called truck-tenderized cutlets. (Less refined people call it "roadkill".) A Slovenian bear whose introduction into the French Pyrenees as … Continue reading

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Progressing To What?

Untitled document The left in America no longer wants to use the label 'liberal' to describe itself. They much prefer to be called 'progressives' these days. Apparently they think that word has had enough rest that people will forget that … Continue reading

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Skyrocketing Food Prices

Untitled document A global think tank is issuing extremely dire warnings about food prices. The International Food Policy Research Institute is predicting prices across the globe for food will jump by 40 to 80 percent as more and more food … Continue reading

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Monkey Mayhem In Madison

Untitled document The Animal Uprising™ has taken an ugly turn in Madison, Wisconsin. Brain-sucking monkeys are now disguising themselves as human babies to camouflage their mind-control of victims. And they're chewing on bystanders, too. MADISON, Wis. – Authorities captured a … Continue reading

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The System Unraveling

Untitled document The South Carolina Republican party is moving its primary up in response to Florida's move to change its primary. Other states will now have to move their dates as a result. Iowa and New Hampshire have state laws … Continue reading

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Cracks – Yet Again

Untitled document This is almost stunning. But given recent poll numbers, I guess it should not be. A number of Democrats have openly come out and acknowledged that American troops are making real progress in Iraq. WASHINGTON (AP) – One … Continue reading

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Fairly Unbalanced

Untitled document Brian Wesbury, chief economist for First Trust Portfolios, LP and a regular on talking head television about the economy, has an interesting op-ed in today's Opinion Journal. He looks at how talking head television tries to balance debates … Continue reading

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