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Great News For Aging Boomers!

Untitled document The Telegraph reports that the fastest growing age group among surfers is the over 50 crowd! Dude! And they are calling themselves (or the reporter is, it is not clear which) "Silver Surfers". There was a time when … Continue reading

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And In Today’s Goat Headlines

Untitled document The citizens of Ireland will be ecstatic to know that they are now living in a monarchy! The new king, Jimmy I, has been crowned at a coronation ceremony in Killorglin. The reign of peace, prosperity, drinking and … Continue reading

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Prisoner No More

Untitled document Francisco Chaviano González Was, in 1994, documenting the deaths of people trying to flee from the communist worker's paradise of Cuba. The authorities harassed him relentlessly; sending thugs to beat him in an effort to silence him. Finally, he … Continue reading

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NASA Finds Damage To Endeavour

Untitled document It may not be serious, they still need to determine the extent. But a three inch square area of the underside of space shuttle Endeavour appears to have been damaged. The gouge — about 3 inches square — … Continue reading

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Genuine Reuters-Grade News®

Untitled document The Guardian appears to be none too pleased after having been the victim of Genuine Reuters-Grade News®. It seems that Reuters illustrated their story about Russian submarines planting a flag at the North Pole with some really snazzy … Continue reading

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Good Sharkkeeping Seal Of Approval

Untitled document Well, the folks in Britain who were terrified by reports of a great white shark off the coast can breath easy. It was a hoax. Doorman Kevin Keeble sparked the media feeding frenzy when he sent pictures to … Continue reading

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Well, Thank Heavens That’s Cleared Up

Untitled document A former British spy, who was jailed after "blowing the whistle" on wrongdoing in the British intelligence services has a new gig. Oh, David Shayler has tried his hand at a number of things since he left MI5 in … Continue reading

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Knives Out

Untitled document The Boston Globe – proudly in the tank for Hillary! Clinton – rips into Barack Obama. They uncover just how much support from lobbyists and PACs he has received during his entire political career. Not just his presidential … Continue reading

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TNR In Trouble

Untitled document The New Republic has a real problem on its hands. The MSM is not letting the "Scott Thomas" Beauchamp story die quietly. There are reports on the wire services and in national publications. And the general form of … Continue reading

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The Cliff On The Left

Untitled document Kimberley Strassel from the Opinion Journal interviewed Harold Ford, Jr, former Senate candidate and current chairman of the Democratic Leadership Council. Ford was unusually blunt in his assessment of his party's chances in the 2008 if candidates keep … Continue reading

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Bad News For The Media: They’re On To You

Untitled document Pew Research finds that the majority of Americans believe the media is biased. Among internet users, that number skyrockets. In other words, the camouflage is getting a bit tatty over at the New York Times, et al. The … Continue reading

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