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Sworn Virgins

Untitled document An odd little story from the Washington Post today about the "sworn virgins" of Albania. A Practice dating back to at least the 15th century has allowed women in Albania to swear an oath to remain a virgin. … Continue reading

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Hezbollah Buying Land, Fortifying For War

Untitled document The Telegraph reports that Hezbollah has begun buying up large chunks of land north of the Litani River – and out of the UN patrolled exclusion zone – and is busy fortifying their new holdings for the next … Continue reading

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Tempest In A Flea Pot

Untitled document This story is, to say the least, bizarre. A Belgian-based company that is the world's biggest supplier of "eco-friendly" cleaning products has lost the "prized" Vegan Society endorsement mark. Why, you ask? Well because the company tests the … Continue reading

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Moose Takes Up Whitewater Rafting

Untitled document A moose in Maine has taken up a new hobby – whitewater rafting. Well, without the raft, but the idea is the same. The moose wandered along in the middle of downtown Camden, Maine in the Megunticook River … Continue reading

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Gift Wrapping

Untitled document There is a flurry of bear stories in the news today. The first one is about a bear who has decided that tents are just gift wrapping for the edible contents within. Said contents being humans. Jim Walters … Continue reading

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Today’s “It’s Not Fair” Moment

Untitled document US farmers are apparently whining mightily because there are some relatively minor crackdowns on employers who hire illegal immigrants. Facing the prospect of major layoffs of farmworkers during harvest season, growers and lawmakers from agricultural states spoke in … Continue reading

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