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Untitled document A short while ago a large storm passed over the Crabitat. This is the underside of the wall cloud. The air temperature dropped about 20° F as this passed over the house. Tweet

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Drive-By Shepherd

Untitled document We really cannot make this up. Honest.  A Greek shepherd, getting up there in years and facing numerous physical constraints to the performance of his duties, has come up this a novel solution. He herds his sheep by … Continue reading

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Cleaning Up Government

Untitled document The huge expansion of the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) is being fervently touted as being for the children. Anyone opposed is being smeared as being against the children and thoroughly evil. Only the whole bill appears … Continue reading

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Pot-Bellied Prison Pig Paroled

Untitled document A pot-bellied pig put in the pokey for pointlessly peripatetic behavior has made bail. The Porcine vagrant was found wandering about Terrell County, Georgia by sheriff's deputies and promptly jailed at the Terrell County Correctional Institution for criminal … Continue reading

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Golfing In Boulder

Untitled document A bear out on a golf course in Boulder, Colorado has been euthanized by state officials. BOULDER, Colo. — State wildlife agents killed a bear that was hanging around Boulder's Flatirons Golf Course. The Boulder Daily Camera said … Continue reading

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“Polly Want A &%$&#$#@!

Untitled document Peaches the Moluccan cockatoo was raised in a tough neighborhood and has some really bad habits. Such as swearing like a longshoreman. Or worse. Peaches is a Moluccan cockatoo, and staffers at Black Pine Animal Park say she … Continue reading

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Must Be The Day For It

Untitled document Scanning the various news sources today, I cam across yet another column taking on Newsweek magazine's wild accusation that everyone who questions anything about global warming is part of a vast, well-funded conspiracy. This time it is Newsweek … Continue reading

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Malignant Narcissism

Untitled document Mark Steyn pens his weekly column for the Orange County Register on the subject of what he calls malignant narcissism in America and the West. He manages to tie fraudulent climate data, Scott Thomas Beauchamp, Jesse MacBeth and cheeseburgers … Continue reading

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The New McCarthyism

Untitled document Jay Ambrose, writing at the New York Post tears into Newsweek magazine and the global warming true believers today, calling them new McCarthyites. He is relentless in this one, but misses noting the really big news of the … Continue reading

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