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Modern Phrenology

Untitled document In today's news, phrenology makes a big comeback among "serious" researchers. According to palaeontologists, the dimensions of the region between the mouth and the eyebrows are crucial in determining how attractive a man's face appears to the opposite … Continue reading

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Save The Planet: Kill An Orangutan

Untitled document Talk about a timely article. I just posted about the way that the "cure" for global warming being pushed by true believers was actually worse than the "disease". Lo and behold, the Telegraph has also started to question … Continue reading

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Reality Television Meets Reality

Untitled document The Daily Mail has an interesting little article on an inventor who appeared on a British reality television show where "experts" decide on the merits of the invention. This man appeared and his idea was positively savaged by … Continue reading

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Who Is Really Anti-Science?

Untitled document Via Hot Air, there have been further developments in the erroneous NASA global warming temperatures. Steve McIntyre forced a correction in the GISS data when he found incongruous numbers in the data. Reto Ruedy and James Hansen were forced … Continue reading

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Untitled document Reuters, accurate as usual, reports that a Saudi man was apprehended trying to smuggle cobras and crocodiles out of Egypt and into Saudi Arabia. The discovery of the reptiles in the passenger's bags triggered a brief panic among … Continue reading

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Anti-Wrinkle Pizza Raises A Fuss

Untitled document A new "anti-wrinkle" pizza developed by an Italian nutritionist is drawing the ire of the True Neapolitan Pizza Association. They do not think the new formula meets the traditions of the pizza – as defined by the True Neapolitan … Continue reading

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Could I Have My Leg Back Please?

Untitled document Some fishemen caught a shark and figured they'd have a bit of fun. So they stuck a wooden leg in the shark's mouth and took some pictures. That's when the trouble started. Fishermen were on the Georges Bank, near … Continue reading

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Vanity, Vanity

Untitled document “We are so vain that we even care for the opinion of those we don't care for.” Marie Von Ebner-Eschenbach The Telegraph reports on a new phenomenon. The increasing popularity of social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace … Continue reading

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The Fraudulent Carbon Offset Market

Untitled document Another positively greewaldian title for the post, but the news warrants it. One of the prime most holy indulgences carbon offsets pushed by the true believers from the First Church of the Presumptuous Assumption is the planting of … Continue reading

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The Most Unpopular Man In Congress

Untitled document Robert Novak has an interesting look into the inner workings of the increasingly noisome swamp that is the House of Representatives. In highlighting just one battle over pork-barrel spending, Novak exposes just how bad it has gotten in the House … Continue reading

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Rove Resigning

Untitled document An obligatory post on the hot topic of the day, Karl Rove, one of the favorite chew toys of the left, is resigning his position at the White House. Mr. Rove, who has held a senior post in … Continue reading

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