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This Isn’t Good. At All.

Untitled document We sincerely hope this was just some kind of a mix up by a living human being. Really we do. Cremated human remains were found in a mailbox in Pottstown, Pennsylvania today. The letter carrier found the package … Continue reading

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Cradle To Grave

Untitled document The latest news on Britain's National Health Service and its care of the elderly should give proponents of socialized medicine in this country pause. It won't, of course, because they are so convinced that they are right – … Continue reading

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Agenda Check

Untitled document I'm not quite sure that I have ever read anything from the Associated Press that was this nakedly partisan. This is obviously an attempt to cover a huge misstep by Barack Obama. It is not "Republican spin" to … Continue reading

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From The Fury Wimpiness Of The Norsemen, Oh Lord, Please Deliver Us

Untitled document I've posted quite a bit about the Sea Stallion of Glendalough, the modern replica of one of the fearsome Viking ships of old. They just pulled the ship into Dublin harbor. All I can say is that the Irish … Continue reading

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How Bad Is It In Britain?

Untitled document I've posted quite a lot about the various bits of insanity over in Britain for some time now. The deplorable conditions of the National "Health" Service is one regular topic. Insane bureaucracy and demented law enforcement priorities are … Continue reading

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On The Road Again

Untitled document On the road again Like a band of gypsies we go down the highway We're the best of friends Insisting that the world be turnin' our way And our way Is on the road again Just can't wait … Continue reading

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Fast, Cheap Or Good. You Can Pick Any Two.

Untitled document The post title is an old engineering saying that reflects the true nature of any engineering project. It might as well be a natural law – it holds across the board for any type of engineering endeavor. If … Continue reading

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Lascaux Envy

Untitled document The discovery of the Lascaux cave paintings showed that stone-age man had an artistic side. Many other sites with cave paintings have been found and documented over the years, but cave art was pretty well missing in Britain … Continue reading

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Crocodiles Almost Succeed

Untitled document Sometime back, some uncredited genius invented what has become a staple food at state and county fairs all across America: the pork chop on a stick. The tasty fare is easy to handle and a lot less messy than … Continue reading

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Last Words On Rove

Untitled document The Karl Rove resignation is pretty much sucking up all the available oxygen. You can tell we're in the dog days. But the Opinion Journal has a calm look at Rove's White House career that avoids a lot … Continue reading

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Der Spiegel Hedging Bets?

Untitled document Ray Drake, writing at David's Medienkritic, has found a real shocker. Der Spiegel, a longtime basher of the American efforts in Iraq, has been relentless in calling the war a disaster. Only now they have shockingly changed their … Continue reading

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