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Untitled document Memeorandum has had an item up for some time now about a message sent to reporters at the Seattle Times from Dave Boardman, the executive editor of that paper. The original email addressed the impropriety of several staffers cheering … Continue reading

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Today’s SHOCKER!!! From The Associated Press!!!!

Untitled document The blaring headline says it all: Rumsfeld resignation letter omits 'Iraq' The utterly breathless report that follows puts the AP on a par with AFP's shocking revelation that American troops are physically throwing unfired rifle cartridges at Iraqi … Continue reading

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We Expect Thanks For This

Untitled document All of you people who detest mowing lawns owe us a real debt of gratitude. The next time your significant other or officials in the city, town or village you live in demand that you cut your lawn all … Continue reading

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President For Life

Untitled document (T)Hugo Chavez is set to announce his new, improved constitutional powers. Including the really important one: declaring himself President for Life. CARACAS, Venezuela – President Hugo Chavez was presenting his blueprint Wednesday for sweeping constitutional changes expected to … Continue reading

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He’s Ever So Much More Than Just A Messiah

Untitled document I posted about David Shayler, the former MI5 agent turned messiah a short while back. Now the Daily Mail has done a long interview piece with… er – what's the proper form of address here? His Highness? Nah, … Continue reading

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Gator Break

Untitled document Lest you think it is only capuchin monkeys who are capable of Houdini-like escapes from captivity, we bring you the troubling story of Reggie, the jail-breaking alligator. You may have heard about Reggie. He eluded capture in a … Continue reading

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Oliver In Chains

Untitled document Oliver "Capuchin" Monkey has been captured in Tupelo, Mississippi. It took an old style football dogpile of humans to capture the fugitive this time, though. (The number of people involved is not specified in the story, but we … Continue reading

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Vampires Take Over Costa Rica

Untitled document You think we're making this up, don't you? Well we're not. Real, blood-sucking vampires are multiplying and spreading all over Costa Rica and Central America. And they are dining well. They're eating cow blood. There have never been … Continue reading

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AFP Pulls A Reuters!

Untitled document This is simply too funny. Uncle Jimbo over at Blackfive has some amazing AFP photographs. The most recent shows a woman holding up two "bullets" that she claims hit her house during an American raid. If this is … Continue reading

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When Beef Goes Bad

Untitled document A woman from Scotland found out what happens when beef goes bad – the hard way. While the woman was trying to move a calf into a shed, momma cow decided that she didn't want junior leaving and … Continue reading

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Bullet-Proof Bear Goes Bonkers

Untitled document A black bear led police and game officials on a merry chase through the city of Roanoke, Virginia. It took three tranquilizer darts, a beanbag gun and a pepper-ball gun to finally subdue the bear, who is apparently … Continue reading

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Skyrocketing Food Prices – Redux

Untitled document Longtime readers know I have sounded this warning in the past, but today the McClatchy Washington Bureau has come out with an article on the sharp increases in the price of many staple foods. While overall inflation remains … Continue reading

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Untitled document In many ways, it is the forgotten invasion of the Second World War. On 15 August, 1944, American, British and Free French forces stormed ashore near Marseilles in Southern France. The invasion was code named Operation Dragoon. More than … Continue reading

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Growing Rich

Untitled document John Stossel uses his column this week to savage farm subsidies. The General Accounting Office uncovered about $1.1 billion in payments to dead farmers from 1999 to 2005. But dead farmers were the least of the problem. Agriculture … Continue reading

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Educating The Nonexistent

Untitled document The Washington, DC school system received about $4 million in Federal money over a decade to pay for the education of the children of migrant workers. Which is all well and good except for one thing: they didn't … Continue reading

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