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This Isn’t Funny

Untitled document We here at Blue Crab Boulevard were a bit disappointed when our reporting on the last depravity of the Animal Uprising™ did not get the expected reaction from humans. We pointed out that the group mind of the … Continue reading

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Proof That Illegal Drugs Make You Stupid

Untitled document This reads like a comedy skit. It really does. Police in Eugene, Oregon had raided an apartment suspected of being a drug house. They had the occupant handcuffed on a couch while writing up a citation when there … Continue reading

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Oh, Bull

Untitled document I remarked to my wife just yesterday while leafing through the latest catalog from Cheaper Than Dirt that ammunition prices had risen rather sharply in the past year. Lo and behold, today there is an Associated Press article … Continue reading

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Ok, Buddy, Hand Over The Tree

Untitled document The California city of Thousand Oaks was the scene of one of the more unusual heists in recent history. Someone stole a fifty foot tree from the yard of a woman who was on vacation. Police are completely … Continue reading

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More Factional Fighting

Untitled document There appears to be another falling out between two factions of the Animal Uprising™. Earlier we reported on a shark eating a deer in Hawaii. Now, from Hungary comes another report – this time it's the pythons eating … Continue reading

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Untitled document After quite a few signs that the Democrats are fracturing over the Iraq war, NRO has a blockbuster. Five-term Congressman Brian Baird, D-Washington, who voted against the war in Iraq, is now saying that an abrupt withdrawal would be the … Continue reading

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Today’s Catch Of The Day: Scuba Diver

Untitled document A 13-year old Dutch boy has one heck of a fish story to tell. While fishing in the North Sea near the town of Zierikzee, the young angler cast his line and hooked a big one! Hooked him … Continue reading

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Dodo DNA?

Untitled document Scientists are rather excited about the very strong possibility of being able to extract some DNA from a recently discovered dodo skeleton named Fred. A newly discovered dodo skeleton has raised hopes for extracting some of the legendary … Continue reading

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Did The Earth Move?

Untitled document No, but the house burned down. A teenage couple (both 18) in Germany, engaging in their first sexual encounter together, had to flee her parents' house, naked, when romantic candles lit a romantic little house fire. The house was … Continue reading

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Preemptive Strike

Untitled document Norway was the scene of a preemptive attack by the Moose legion of the Animal Uprising™ on Tuesday, the Aftenposten reports. In fact, they used those exact words. A month before moose-hunting season kicks in, one of the … Continue reading

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Trouble In Paradise

Untitled document This could be the first indication that there is some falling out between various factions of the Animal Uprising™. A shark attacked a deer just off Keawekapu Beach on Maui in the Hawaiian Islands yesterday. Maui Ocean Safety workers closed … Continue reading

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Fed Cuts Interest Rate, London Stocks Rally

Untitled document The Federal Reserve made an abrupt half-percentage point cut in the discount rate. WASHINGTON – The Federal Reserve, declaring that increased economic uncertainty poses risks for U.S. business growth, announced Friday that it has approved a half-percentage point … Continue reading

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National Health Death Service Strikes Again

Untitled document Britain's National Health Service is praised mightily by Michael Moore and his sycophants as a role model for socialized medicine. They want the US to be more like Britain and Cuba and give out free health care. Free care … Continue reading

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Comeback Kid

Untitled document Sometimes life imitates the movies – only better. Charles Krauthammer has a beautifully written, non-political column today about a real life version of the Robert Redford film The Natural. It's an enjoyable read and a nice change of … Continue reading

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History Lesson

Untitled document Russ Smith gives people a history lesson. It is an attempt – probably futile – to put some perspective on the most strident anti-Bush rhetoric fuming from editorials in places like the New York Times. Smith points out … Continue reading

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