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The Departure Lounge at Deathrow

Untitled document Rachel Johnson, writing at the Sunday Times of London, absolutely trashes the British National Health Service over its treatment of the elderly. Johnson is commenting on the same report that I did a few days ago. It is not … Continue reading

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False News

Untitled document I saw the item pop on Memorandum yesterday about Nobel Prize winner Rigoberta Menchu supposedly being thrown out of a hotel. The story alleged that Menchu was wearing traditional dress and that hotel staff had tried to throw … Continue reading

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When Guns Are Outlawed…….

Untitled document ….Outlaws use knives. The Times of London reports that there has been an astonishing – no, make that appalling – increase in the number of street crimes involving knives. Remember that Britain has some of the most strict … Continue reading

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When Snakes Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Snakes

Untitled document Two Colorado men are in custody after plotting to kill another man over a $60,000 debt. All of that isn't really unusual, things like that happen all the time. The method the two men had worked out to … Continue reading

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Captain Calamity Crashes Again

Untitled document The head British Royal National Lifeboat Institution for Newquay, Cornwall is practically begging a local sailor to please find another hobby. Why? Well, since Glenn Crawley bought his catamaran in 2003 he has been pulled out of the water … Continue reading

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I Don’t Think They Grasp The Concept

Untitled document The commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guard has responded to reports that the US government is debating whether to label that organization a terrorist organization. So to object to the Revolutionary Guards being labeled 'terrorist' the commander promises increased … Continue reading

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Use Biofuel: Kill The Planet

Untitled document This is one that will make you wonder if you should laugh or cry. Two scientists have calculated the effects of switching to biofuels on the capture of carbon and have reached a pretty different conclusion than is … Continue reading

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Untitled document This item happened to catch my eye over at Memeorandum. CBS is under fire for a reality show involving kids. Specifically, it looks like the producers of the show intentionally set out to avoid laws meant to protect … Continue reading

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Unusual Haul

Untitled document The Orlando police department held their annual gun turn in program yesterday, offering to accept – with no questions asked – any unwanted guns in exchange for a pair of sneakers or a gift certificate. They call it … Continue reading

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