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I Suppose We’re Expected To Feel Bad

Untitled document Want any evidence that the Associated Press is firmly in the tank for illegal immigrants? Look no further. Apparently, they want everyone to feel really bad because a woman who repeatedly broke the laws of this nation is … Continue reading

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Iowa Voice Is Moving

Untitled document Iowa Voice is moving to a whole new site, Liberty Pundit. Adjust your bookmarks/blogrolls accordingly. (I knew what they were doing a few days ago when they hit me with a test ping.) Tweet

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The Clowns Of August

Untitled document Britain is suffering another clown infestation. This is the Camp For Climate Action, due to culminate this weekend in 24 hours of mass direct action. As a virgin activist, I am not pleased that I have been unable … Continue reading

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Wealthy Saudi Rats Travels First Class

Untitled document Apparently, even the rats in Saudi Arabia (the four-legged ones, just so there isn't any confusion) are getting rich off oil revenue. They are flying first class when they travel. ABHA — A rat running between seats — First Class … Continue reading

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Pricey Pork

Untitled document There is a new ham in town. Billed as the most expensive ham in history, the 2006 Alba Quercus Reserve ham will cost just about $2,100 each – or around $160 per pound. You have to buy the … Continue reading

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No Sanctuary

Untitled document Mark Steyn reflects on the murder of three young people in Newark, New Jersey, lined up against a wall and shot execution-style. Iofemi Hightower, Dashon Harvey and Terrance Aeriel were executed by a group led by Jose Carranza, … Continue reading

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Donkey Island

Untitled document More than a week after German magazine Der Spiegel ran an article about it and more than six weeks after the battle itself, the Washington Post writes a long article about the Battle of Donkey Island. One the … Continue reading

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