I Suppose We’re Expected To Feel Bad

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Want any evidence that the Associated Press is firmly in the tank for illegal immigrants? Look no further. Apparently, they want everyone to feel really bad because a woman who repeatedly broke the laws of this nation is now in custody. We are supposed to be ashamed, for some reason, that a woman who is a convicted felon, who stole an American's identity is now in custody. We are also, apparently, supposed to overlook that the only reason she is in custody is because she left the Chicago church where she claimed "sanctuary" – which is not recognized in American law – and willingly – or willfully traveled to Los Angeles to stage a press conference. And her subsequent arrest.


Elvira Arellano was arrested before 3 p.m. outside Our Lady Queen of Angels church on L.A.'s historic Olvera Street where she had been speaking to reporters, said the Rev. Walter Coleman, pastor of Adalberto United Methodist Church in Chicago where she sought sanctuary.

Coleman said he was with Arellano when she was detained, but declined to provide other details.

"We're trying to determine her situation right now," he said……..

……Arellano came to Washington state illegally in 1997. She was deported to Mexico shortly after, but returned and moved to Illinois in 2000, taking a job cleaning planes at O'Hare International Airport.

She was arrested in 2002 at O'Hare and later convicted of working under a false Social Security number. She was to surrender to authorities last August.

She sought refuge at the storefront church on Chicago's West Side Aug. 15, 2006. She had not left the church property until deciding to be driven to Los Angeles, Coleman said.

Arellano stole the identity of a citizen of this nation and she and her supporters want her to be given a free pass. Her son was born in this country only because she came across the border in violation of the laws of this country – and subsequently stole the identity of a citizen to stay here. Then she is talked into a theatrical stunt of leaving the church where authorities had chosen to leave her alone and drive across the country to stage her arrest.

Gee, I'm sorry. I really don't feel bad for Arellano. No, actually, I'm not sorry. I have no sympathy at all for her or for the manipulative AP report that is supposed to jerk at our heartstrings. But I suspect most people will not feel any sympathy, either.

There is no reason – at all – that the border cannot be secured and a really lenient immigration policy cannot coexist. And I suspect that such dual policies would be embraced by almost all of the people in this nation who are here legally. If it is done properly, it should even be wildly popular with the immigrant communities because it will help them make better livings. The flood of illegals is suppressing wages for the lower rungs of the economic ladder in this country. Border control and a sane immigration policy would help everyone. The first politician to float a real policy that does all of that will be very, very hard to beat.

UPDATE: And, in a real surprise, other illegal immigrants are very, very angry at Arellano:

Local Spanish-language radio host Javier Salas said he felt badly for what happened to Arellano. But in leaving the sanctuary of Adalberto United Methodist Church and heading to Los Angeles, it was only a matter of time before she was arrested.

"I'm not happy that this happened, but it was bound to happen because she was challenging the system," said Salas, the host of the morning-drive talk show La Tremenda on WRTO AM-1200.

By Sunday afternoon Salas was already talking about the arrest on the radio, and callers were weighing in too.

Callers were "saying that she was traveling to Los Angeles and around the United States, she would provoke [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] and the anti-immigrant groups," he said. "There would be checkpoints everywhere."

Salas questioned why it appeared that mainstream media make Arellano out to be the face of undocumented immigrants, when her actions have exacerbated the animosity toward them.

"She wasn't down to earth," he said, adding that Arellano acted "entitled" to rights "when there's thousands and thousands of people in the same situation."

"She made everything worse," Salas said. "She's not a face of the immigrants. My family without papers, she doesn't represent them."

Whoopsie. No sympathy from pretty much anyone except the AP.

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  1. Mwalimu Daudi says:

    There is no reason – at all – that the border cannot be secured and a really lenient immigration policy cannot coexist.

    I agree. Right now the current system seems designed to punish legal immigrants like my wife and reward (or at least overlook) felons like Elvira Arellano.

    One other note – the fact that she got a job cleaning arplanes as an illegal alien should terrify all of us. Is this situation still going on?

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