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Untitled document Bob Owens, who responded by email to my post about the Associated Press story about a "shortage" of ammunition for police forces supposedly caused by the Iraq war has done more research on the subject. He reaches the … Continue reading

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This Is Not Your Fathers Hoover

Untitled document At times, we find ourselves completely speechless. Or very nearly so. We simply do not know what to say about this story. EDINBURGH (AFP) – A dwarf performer at the Edinburgh fringe festival had to be rushed to … Continue reading

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Power Out

Untitled document We've had another storm roll through that has taken out our power. Having spent just enough time doing protective relaying to be dangerous, I can tell with pretty fair accuracy what is happening when various and sundry interesting … Continue reading

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We Are VERY Disappointed

Untitled document That Don Surber, veteran newsman and blogger did not send this item to us for proper reportage. Our beat here at Blue Crab Boulevard includes getting the word out on the Animal Uprising™, a thoroughly thankless, self imposed … Continue reading

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Scientists Find Stone Age Chewing Gum

Untitled document Scientists in Finland have found what they are sure is some neolithic equivalent of Wrigley's spearmint chewing gum. HELSINKI, Finland – Finns, who introduced a birch-tree sweetener for gum, have found that the habit of chewing sticky lumps … Continue reading

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Exotic Pets

Untitled document There are several stories every year about some "pet lover" or other getting in trouble – or getting killed – by some exotic pet or another. Whether it is a pet python who strangles its owner or someone … Continue reading

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Beer Snacks For Bears

Untitled document Most bars have some sort of a snack available for beer drinkers, be it pretzels or peanuts. Now we know that bears need a little snack when they have a few beers, too. BELGRADE, Serbia (Reuters) — A 23-year … Continue reading

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You Knew This Was Coming

Untitled document I simply cannot let SeeDubya have the last word on posters. Apropos this post. Tweet

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Uh, Oh. Zombie Will Be Upset

Untitled document Well, I hope that Gerard Vanderleun is ready for a nasty note from Zombietime. Hey, when you muscle in on someone's territory, you have to expect that! And making fun of zombies is just adding fuel to the fire. … Continue reading

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Opening Day

Untitled document Hunter season has opened in Finland. No, that's not a typo. Hunter season is where the bears get a chance to bag a hunter. Together with two hunting buddies, the man was tracking a brown bear he had just wounded … Continue reading

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Sucker Punch

Untitled document Richard Miniter has an analysis over at Pajamas Media looking at how The New Republic let itself get suckered by "Scott Thomas" Beauchamp. It get pretty ugly at times. The New Republic has not responded to repeated phone calls from … Continue reading

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DDT Again Saving Lives

Untitled document Here's an interesting article by Donald Roberts, an expert in tropical diseases, about the use of DDT to help control malaria in Africa. It turns out that using the insecticide indoors has a repellent effect even on mosquitoes … Continue reading

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On War

Untitled document Victor Davis Hanson has a long essay on the study of war and its value to a society in the City Journal. It will take you some time to get all the way through, but it is a … Continue reading

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China Breaks Up Smuggling Ring

Untitled document Authorities in southern China made a surprise raid and broke up a crocodile smuggling ring. They captured about 70 of the offenders and have thrown them into jail. It's a good thing, too. There's no telling what the crocodiles would … Continue reading

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Immigration Follies

Untitled document There has been a fair amount of interest from bloggers about the arrest and deportation of Elvira Arellano, the woman who had been hiding in a Chicago church claiming "sanctuary" – a concept that is not, and can … Continue reading

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