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Rubber Stamp For A Dictator

Untitled document The Venezuelan legislative body, the National Assembly, has just rubber stamped (T)Hugo Chavez's dictator for life plan. As expected. Assembly President Cilia Flores said Chavez's proposed changes to the constitution, including the lifting of presidential term limits, were … Continue reading

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First They Came For The Orangutans

Untitled document Next they'll be coming for the moose. Courtesy of the Jammie Wearing Fool, comes this story from Der Spiegel. Norway is concerned that its national animal, the moose, is harming the climate by emitting an estimated 2,100 kilos of … Continue reading

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National Health Death Service Strikes Again

Untitled document Britain, routinely held out as a role model for what socialized medicine can do shows just how well it can do in a new study. Folks like Michael Moore want the US to emulate the British National Health … Continue reading

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Drop A Spoon, Save Your Life

Untitled document Odd little story out of Sodus, New York (the old stomping grounds). A 73-year old woman was saved by a dropped spoon. She bent over to retrieve the fallen utensil and her house was literally leveled by an … Continue reading

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Who Says Nothing Ever Happens In Iowa?

Untitled document Corn country. Flyover territory. The sticks. Iowa has been dismissed for years as a place where nothing ever really happens. But that simply isn't true. How many states can boast drunken, naked women with hammers beating people and smashing … Continue reading

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Drunken Flesh-Eating Goats

Untitled document We have no idea why the writer of this story thinks this news is cute. A goat in the city of Bargarh in India is the home of Mantu, a flesh-gobbling, theatrically-inclined goat with a drinking problem. Bargarh (Orissa), … Continue reading

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It Wasn’t The Monster Mash

Untitled document But it was a graveyard smash. A drunken German woman managed to drive her vehicle through a graveyard, smashing headstones and damaging graves before finally coming to rest. In an open grave. The woman drove into the graveyard … Continue reading

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Hiroshima For The Truthers

Untitled document I have not seen the History Channel special that, by all reports, totally and systematically demolishes the so-called 9/11 "truthers". But after reading some of the reviews, you couldn't pay me not to watch it as soon as … Continue reading

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Endeavour Lands Safely

Untitled document Shuttle Endeavour has safely landed at the Kennedy Space Center. Tweet

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An Amazing Story

Untitled document A man out bow hunting near Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada had the bad luck to surprise a grizzly bear with three cubs. Miraculously, when the bear attacked the man, Chris McLellan, managed to kill it with only a … Continue reading

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Endeavour Cleared To Land

Untitled document Shuttle Endeavour has begun its descent to the Kennedy Space Center. NASA TV is carrying live coverage. Tweet

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Blunt Assessment

Untitled document A really blunt assessment of the children's programming arm of the British Broadcasting Company, the CBBC by a staffer is big news in Britain today. The staffer, presenter Kirsten O'Brien, who has been a regular on the CBBC … Continue reading

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Where’s The Real Propaganda?

Untitled document John Fund discusses a "documentary" airing on PBS tonight that focuses on a proposal to develop a gold mine in Romania. The film, which omits quite a few very important details about the real story, was apparently heavily financed … Continue reading

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“Self-Deluded Preciousness”

Untitled document This op-ed from the Times of London is positively scathing. Mick Hume, who confesses to being quite an active protester during the 1980s, dissects the climate-protesting clowns of August who recently made pests of themselves at London's Heathrow … Continue reading

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Monster Policy

Untitled document The organizers of a  duathlon in Scotland have taken out advertising insurance. Oh, they call it "Nessie" insurance and it supposedly covers any attack on participants in the event by the fabled creature, but it really is a … Continue reading

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