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Spider Web Of Hate

Untitled document Hezbollah has opened a museum in Lebanon. They say it documents their "great victory" over Israel in last year's war. They call it "The Spider's Web" after a speech by Hassan Nasrallah that said that, "military might was … Continue reading

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Egalitarian Sunshine

Untitled document The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries. (Winston Churchill) Well, it would appear that (T)Hugo Chavez is doing more than bringing Cuban style … Continue reading

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Ludicrous, Mindless Stupidity

Untitled document A school in Chandler, Arizona has taken the prize for the most brain-dead administration yet. They have suspended a 13-year old boy for five days (later reduced to three) for drawing a gun. No, not pulling one out and … Continue reading

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A Different Kinder Surprise

Untitled document We here at Blue Crab Boulevard brought you the terrifying story of the chocoholic squirrel that was stealing "Kinder Surprise" chocolate candy from a grocery store in Finland. We warned that since squirrels share a group mind, if … Continue reading

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The Tracks Of Time

Untitled document Archaeologists believe that they have discovered the perfectly preserved footprint of a Roman soldier. The find, at the site of the city of Hippo shows what is believed to be the imprint of a hobnailed caliga, the footwear used … Continue reading

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When Wiccans Rumble

Untitled document Raccoons die, apparently. Two people in Salem, Massachusetts face charges of littering and malicious destruction of property after they allegedly threw the head and entrails of a raccoon on the doorsteps of two businesses. In a sort of … Continue reading

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Cracks In The Facade?

Untitled document One of the more galling things in recent years has been the way that the political class, usually so fond of paying attention to polls, has routinely completely ignored the will of the majority of Americans. Despite overwhelming … Continue reading

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The Fire May Be Banked, But It Sure Isn’t Out

Untitled document "Our findings indicate that when it comes to sexual activity, older people are really just younger people later in life."  – Dr. Stacy Tessler Lindau, Lead author of a new study on sexuality in the elderly. Here's a … Continue reading

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September Blues

Untitled document George Will has a pretty bleak assessment of how the pending Iraq progress report by General David Petraeus will be received by the two opposing camps in the war debate. He compares it to the Weimar Republic. Come … Continue reading

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Keep The Tip

Untitled document The Prime Minister of Japan received a hot tip in the mail. The tip, from the unemployed leader of a far right political group, wasn't about a hot stock or even a good horse to bet on. It … Continue reading

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