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One More Guest Blogger

Untitled document I have also asked Jim Lynch from bRight and Early to contribute a few posts – I really am not sure if I will be able to blog at all and hoped to spread the load out a … Continue reading

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Apropos Rich’s Post

Untitled document Rich posted about Martin Lewis' post over at the HuffnPuff advocating a military coup against the President of the United States. I have taken the precaution of saving every, single word on what is absolutely going to be … Continue reading

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He Beat Me To It

Untitled document I was going to put up a post letting folks know that Rich Horton had been crazy good enough to help out around the place while I take a short trip with my wife. But he figured out … Continue reading

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By Way Of Introduction

Untitled document Hello to all the Crabbers out there. My name is Rich Horton and I have been asked to lend a hand here at the BCB while the fearless leader is away for a couple days.  I thought it sounded … Continue reading

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Coup De Disgrace

Untitled document Some British born humorist over at the HuffPo is calling for General Pace to remove President Bush from his elected duties as Commander-in-Chief thereby removing the military from civilian control.  Really.  Dear General Pace, I note with admiration your … Continue reading

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National Health Disgrace Service Strikes Again

Untitled document From 27 May, 1940 until 4 June, 1940 British and French troops were evacuated from the Dunkirk (Dunkerque) pocket by Operation Dynamo. Called by Winston Churchill the "Miracle at Dunkirk" the operation saved some 338,000 troops from capture … Continue reading

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Miserable, Cold, Wet Summer In France

Untitled document Kind of interesting. France has had the third worst summer in recorded history, only 1954 and 1977 were more miserable. Most of the nation has been much wetter and considerably cooler than historical averages. PARIS (AFP) – It's … Continue reading

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Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam

Untitled document Not, not the singing vikings. This is about a new strategy to fight the ubiquitous – and ever growing – flood of spam mail (and in the blogosphere, the comment and trackback spam). Instead of trying to block … Continue reading

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Risky Business?

Untitled document Tamar Jacoby, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, writes an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times entitled California without a Mexican. It's a bit of a scare piece about the crackdown on illegal immigration that is being … Continue reading

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Film At Eleven?

Untitled document Robert Novak is reporting that Fred Thompson will jump into the Republican presidential nomination field using a video – a la Hillary! Clinton. Supposedly, this is on advice from Newt Gingrich. WASHINGTON — Fred Thompson's decision to announce … Continue reading

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Yet Another Monty Python Moment

Untitled document As in: "I'm not dead yet." It appears as if the rumors that started swirling yesterday about the death of Fidel Castro may have been yet another false alarm. Marzo did say something interesting, that today's rumors did … Continue reading

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O’Hanlon Fires Back

Untitled document After publishing his opinion piece about the situation in Iraq, which he authored with Ken Pollack, Michael O'Hanlon was exposed to the full fury of the unhinged left. The slurs flew fast and furious and much smearing was … Continue reading

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Exploring Sinop D

Untitled document Science has made some stunning advances in underwater technology in the past few years. A new expedition by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the University of Rhode Island (URI) and the Institute for Exploration (IFE) is testing a new system … Continue reading

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